Bodybuilder Faces Off Against Strongman In The Best Strength Wars Yet

How do strongmen get stronger than bodybuilders?

I once overheard this guy at the gym joking about that: “Bodybuilders like to look big and strong. Strongmen are big and strong.“

This might sound over the top, yet there are athletes competing in powerlifting and strongman competitions who are a lot stronger than bodybuilders, and i wonder if achieving fierce ‘looks’ can really get in the way of building true strength and power in the bodybuilding world. The goal of bodybuilders, of course, is to build a better body – an ideal body ultimately, consisting of perfect muscle mass and definition. They want their body to incorporate the ideal of ultimate manpower. It’s natural to assume that all that hard work they put into this goal has to translate itself into real strength, and a massive bodybuilder that always lifts heavier and heavier weights will be strong because his muscles get adapted quickly and require more stimulation. But it can still be quite confusing to find out that looking very strong isn’t always equivalent to really being that strong. If you focus too hard on the aesthetics, that’s the only thing you’re going to get, eventually.

Fortunately, a lot of bodybuilders are aware of this so they take on training programs that combine building aesthetics and strength at the same time, making the best of their potential. They have the massive, shredded physique of a seasoned bodybuilder yet they are strong as a competing powerlifter. But can they really match the imposing strength of a strongman?

Take a look at the video below to find out the answer:


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