A Strongman vs a Bodybuilder – Who Will be Stronger in “Strength Battle”

Strongman as a sport is dynamic and requires not only absolute strength, but also strength endurance, speed, and agility. They have to be able to move quickly and apply their strength in unconventional odd ways.

From a training point of view, strongman training is extremely taxing. They put in a lot of time perfecting the big three, squats, bench, and deadlift but also focus on overhead pressing.

The ‘sport’ of bodybuilding is merely used to build muscle to form an aesthetic and proportional physique.

So the key difference between a bodybuilder and a strongman is this: a bodybuilder is training purely for aesthetics and and appearance. They lift weights for hypertrophy and try to keep fat gain to a minimum.

A strongman on the other hand will be focused on building overall strength and power without too much concern about physical appearance. They lift weights to build raw power and eat a ton of calories to build size and strength.

However bodybuilders are strong and many bodybuilders will even try strongman or powerlifting style lifting to compliment their training regime.

A Strongman vs a Bodybuilder – who is stronger ?

How strong is a bodybuilder compared to a strongman? Well we are about to find out in the video below.

In the video below, bodybuilder Johannes Luckas gets challenged by Strongman Tetzel from the German Hardcore Gym “Halbgottschmiede” to a strength battle. The “battle” includes a few strongmen strength disciplines.

– Squats 150 kg 20 reps
– Farmer’s Hold 240 kg 30 seconds
– Loglift 80kg 15 reps

Watch the battle of the strongman vs a bodybuilder below to find out who is stronger.

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