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Obi Vincent Diet – Full Day of Eating

The bodybuilder and YouTube star Obi Vincent weighs 109 kilograms, and you might think that satisfying his dietary habits isn’t easy. However, after he posted a video showing what he eats in a day, many concluded that it’s actually quite realistic and simple.

Vincent starts his day with a protein bar, a glass of water, and a shake made of green vegetables, beetroot, and apple cider vinegar. After training, he prepares an omelette with eggs, vegetables, and turkey bacon.

For lunch and dinner, he eats chicken, two types of vegetables, and rice, a dish he claims to love. For those who find rice bland, Vincent advises cooking it in broth. “It will make the taste more interesting,” says the bodybuilder.”

For snacks, he opts for a protein bar and drinks tea twice a week with oat cookies. Once a week, he allows himself to have popcorn with a little butter while watching a movie. Before bed, he eats a handful of grapes and toasted bread with peanut butter. Throughout the day, he consumes 4 to 5 liters of water.

“I don’t count calories or macronutrients. I eat based on how I feel that day. I don’t want food to dictate my life,” Vincent stated, impressing his followers.

Here’s a full day of Obi Vincent’s diet

“Well done, simple, honest, and real,”

“He showed what a healthy mindset is,”

“I like how you talk about spices; many overlook them’

These are just some of the comments. that Obi “

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