Overweight woman lost 70 lbs and got a six pack – but it ruined her marriage

Angela Crickmore found her weight creeping up throughout her twenties, eventually tipping the scales at close to 200lbs.Although her husband thought she was “beautiful” the 36-year-old felt pressure to slim down because her friends and family made her feel self-conscious about her size.

Angela blamed her ballooning figure on her inactive lifestyle which saw her go to work, cook and watch TV but she became so desperate to change that she even considered having gastric bypass surgery. And after seeing a mate lose weight, Angela was inspired to kick start her own fitness journey although at the time she didn’t realize what it would cost her.

“I thought: ‘If she can do it, I can do it,’” she recalled.

The Brazilian-born beauty, who now lives in London, scoured the internet for the latest diets and found an article about eating every three hours to shed pounds.


Angela said: “I was suspicious at first about eating more food to lose weight, but I had to do something because nothing had worked for me before.”

She began eating smaller portions of healthier food, chowing down on plenty of lean meats, sweet potatoes, avocados and nuts. “I had an alarm on my phone so I never skipped a meal and started to carry a food bag with me so any place I went I had my meals ready to eat.”

As she began to see her figure get increasingly more trim, the mum-of-one started exercising by going for long walks in the park as she felt “too heavy and ashamed” to sign up to the gym. Her husband would drop her off in the car and wait for her, not feeling the need to join in because he was “skinny”.


Angela said: “I wanted to jog, but because I was so fat I had to walk first. I walked every day rain or shine, for an hour, and then jogged as I became lighter.”

Eight months later, she joined the gym and became interested in bodybuilding. Angela incredibly lost 70lbs and went from a size 18 to a toned size 6 but her new healthy lifestyle put a strain on her relationship with her husband. She explained: “Because I started to want a different life, I wanted to be outdoors more, climbing, hiking, playing tennis, any sports.


“I liked different foods and I didn’t enjoy being at home in front of a TV eating snacks anymore.I started to get very scared to go back to what I was.”

After nine years of marriage the couple split up and their son Luy went to live with his dad.


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