“The World’s Toughest Woman” Ronda Rousey Got Knocked Out by Holly Holm

A gargantuan underdog against the greatest women’s fighter roaming the planet, Holly Holm flipped the script and absolutely demolished Ronda Rousey at UFC 193 on Saturday night, evaporating the now former champion’s mystique with a beautiful, perfectly-placed head kick.


Holm’s vastly superior technical striking was on display for most of the six-minute affair, as “The Preacher’s Daughter” easily circled away from Rousey’s wild, sloppy advances, while lighting up “Rowdy” with surgically precise combinations.

After quite possibly dropping the first round of her career, a rabid Rousey foolishly chased Holm around the cage to start the second stanza, only to have the calm challenger play matador to the champion’s tactless advances. Holm answered with heavy shots until finally felling Rousey like a redwood with a spectacular, promotion-altering head kick.




” UFC 193’s Ronda Rousey vs. Holly Holm had a very quiet build. That was, until the contentious weigh-in scuffle. If you thought that was just for show, though, the fight proved you mistaken.

Rousey wore her anger on her sleeve, refusing to touch Holm’s glove in the center of the cage. When the bell sounded, Rousey charged forward, and Holm did precisely what we at FightState said she should; stay on her bicycle and box Rousey up. Rousey, for the most part, seemed undeterred, wading forward and throwing heavy leather.

That emotional approach ended up being her undoing.”

Via Fight State

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