Dr. Stefi Cohen Shows Her Intense Home Workout

We all know that doing your workout at home is not exactly like working out at the gym. For most trainees training at home is a bit harder because the home simply lacks the atmosphere that a gym has. The lack of motivation can be even greater when you don’t have any equipment and you are improvising or doing bodyweight workouts.

Stefi Cohen, who is pound for pound, one of the strongest female powerlifters in the world doesn’t seem to have the motivation problem. In fact she is getting just a good workout in the comfort of her own home, as she would in the gym.

For someone who is taking lifting very serious, and has broken a few world powerlifting records, Dr. Cohen makes sure that the worldwide Corona Pandemic doesn’t prevent her from the thing she does best. As she shared in a recent social media post, she is using this situation to find new and fun ways to make her workout more challenging and intense.

“Leg destruction ft. ouch sanders.

20 walking lunges
10 heel elevated narrow squat
10 toe elevated RDL
6 rounds

You’re welcome or I’m sorry.”

As you can see, six rounds of the above set of exercises is a very intense workout and it is enough to make even the hardest leg workers struggle to finish the workout. 

This is not the only home workout she has posted these days. Just a few days earlier she posted a “clean and jerk” workout, and according to her it was harder than it looked on video:


“First clean and jerk sesh in a loooong time and it felt way worse than it looks. Maybe I’ll hop back on the OG @hybridperformancemethod and push the snatch and C&J for a bit”



Stefi Cohen continues to show that she has the variety in her arsenal to be able to improvise, no matter the circumstances. This is the mindset that has made her a champion, and it is interesting to see her apply those skills during these complicated times.

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