Zac Efron Gets Shredded to Work With The Rock

Zac Efron is more ripped than ever. The 28-year-old actor has been training for months to prepare for his role in the upcoming “Baywatch” movie — filming now and out summer 2017 — and it’s clearly paid off.

Ripped Physique


Truth being told Zac Efron has always sported ripped physique in all of his movies. Yet, no one can deny that he has never looked as good as he looks now, preparing for his upcoming role in Baywatch.

Two Fit Fellows


Efron might have had an easy job showing off his shredded muscles when staring alongside Robert DeNiro in Dirty Grandpa, but now that he’ll have Johnson to compete with in Baywatch, he definitely needs to raise the stakes.

Flipping for Fun


Flipping tires is a total body blaster. Yet, it seems that Zac can keep on with Rock in flipping them all day. We wouldn’t expect anything less from these two actors that approach each training seriously.

Roping in a Ripped Physique


Efron sports perfectly shredded core muscles. All of his muscles are well pronounced and totally ripped.

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