5 Foods to Help You Build Muscle and Lose Body Fat

We’ve all been there before.  Searching through dozens of magazines, web sites and consulting fitness experts to know what the best foods are to lose fat and gain muscle.

With all of the misinformation out there, I can see why so many get confused and don’t know what is best to eat.  I remember these days clearly.  It wasn’t until I consulted and got advice from one of the top bodybuilders in the world that I was able to debunk the myth of what foods I should eat to build lean muscle and which ones to avoid.

So what I decided to do is write a list of 5 foods that you might not know can help you on your life long quest to build muscle and burn fat.  Let’s jump right in!

#1: Oatmeal

I remember when I first learned about oatmeal.  It was awesome.  I mean it tastes great and adds some good complex carbs to your diet.  This was key when I was competing in my show.  I needed the carbs early in the morning for energy.

I would eat 1 cup of oatmeal daily with a protein shake for breakfast.  I did try some of the instant oatmeal that came pre-made but I felt I got the best results from buying in bulk.

My suggestion is to eat 1 cup of uncooked oatmeal with a protein shake when you wake up.

#2: Asparagus

I hated veggies growing up.  They didn’t taste that great and never seemed to fill me up.  However, now that I started eating asparagus, my views have changed.  You see, asparagus is a negative calorie which means your body uses up more energy than the food itself contains.

So it’s a great way to eat and not gain any body fat.

My suggestion is to eat 7-8 sticks of asparagus for dinner as you don’t want to consume a lot of calories towards the evening because those calories become harder to burn off as you aren’t as active.

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