Can You Build Muscle With 3 Meals A Day ?

Can a weightlifter build muscle with just 3 meals a day – breakfast, lunch and dinner ? Although it’s not the best choice for a meal plan, it’s still possible to build muscle by eating only 3 meals a day.

Even though eating 5-6 smaller and more frequent meals a day is probably a better choice if you want to build muscle, many weightlifters simply don’t have the time or ability to eat more than three meals a day.With eating only 3 meals a day it’s everything about food quantity and timing.


You’ll consume around 20%-25% of your total daily calories during breakfast.This means that you’ll have a moderate breakfast.You can have eggs, milk, oatmeal, some salad etc.

For this meal plan breakfast is the second most important meal of the day.You’ll make an exception on rest days though, when breakfast will be the biggest meal.


Lunch will be almost the same size as breakfast (20%-25% of your total calories).We don’t want to overload our digestive system with food shortly before our workout.Choose lean meats like chicken,beef and fish for protein sources and low glycemic index carbs for your carbohydrate sources.

3.Workout time

It’s time for your workout.Do your workout and consume your protein (30-40 grams of protein ) shake immediately after your workout along with 30-40 grams of high glycemic index carbs.


Dinner will be the biggest meal of the day (except on rest days when breakfast is the largest meal) with 50%-60% of your total daily calorie intake.The anabolic window is “open” after the workout and the body produces anabolic hormones to recover from the made damage.The fact that you have to “load” yourself for dinner does NOT mean that you can eat junk food.Quality food like lean meat,pasta,potatoes is what you’ll eat for dinner.

It is absolutely possible to build muscle with just 3 meals a day.But like we said – timing and quantity is everything.


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