5 Habits That Most Lean Guys Have

Pro physique fitness coach Paul Revelia recently uploaded a video on his channel breaking down what he thinks are the five habits of people who have been able to get lean and shredded, and as well as maintain their mass.

1. Focusing on protein

That is right, protein not only being one of the key building blocks for gaining muscle mass, but is also a very filling macronutrient. Which means that if you follow a protein-rich diet it will help to keep you sated while eating at a caloric deficit during your weight loss journey.

Revelia stated “Set your goal weight, whatever that goal weight is, if you’re hitting protein plus or minus 10 percent of that weight, you are golden.”

2. Do not “diet”

If your ultimate goal is to be lean you should avoid going on a diet at all costs. It’s mostly philosophy using foods you specifically enjoy but the criteria to get you lean. You cannot give that habit of eating a name or call it a diet, because it’s just eating a wide variety of foods, that meet your standards.

3. Be accountable

The goal here is to be able to track your daily calories and stay on that road. Revelia explains that you shouldn’t get overwhelmed and judge your eating habits. You should learn how much calories you need to sustain your weight and keep consuming those calories and macros on a daily basis.

4. Avoiding drinking your calories

Revelia warns you that by consuming your calories trough drinks they digest faster and leave you wanting more. A much preferable option is consuming the right amount of calories trough eating solid foods and drinking a non – calorie drink such as water or tea. This is What You Need to Know About Liquid Calories.

5. Consistency is king

By following the first four rules you are setting yourself on a path to success. It’s about being consistent, disciplined and structured in your new routine and most importantly its about creating patterns.

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