4 Back Exercises That Really Build Muscle

There are numerous benefits of training your back. A strong back helps in preventing injuries, it stabilizes your spine and helps you move more weight on all exercises in general. Not to mention that a thick and wide V-shaped back makes you look more athletic and aesthetic.

So if you want a big and strong back, check the exercises listed below. Every one of them has the potential to build mass and strength in your back and the surrounding muscles.


The deadlift is not an exercise for the legs, nor for the lower back. It’s number one exercise for building overall strength and mass. Especially muscle mass in your back. Every muscle group at the back of your body is involved in this deceptively simple movement.

Also, performing heavy deadlifts will force your body to produce extra growth hormone and testosterone since they stress the body so much. Then why isn’t everybody in the gym deadlifting? Because deadlifts are perhaps the most uncomfortable and painful exercise to master.



How many guys have you seen do countless reps of pull-downs, but struggle with pull ups for 3 or 5? Yes, pull-ups are the ultimate bodyweight exercise, and to do them, one requires an incredible amount of strength.

Pull ups are also a shortcut to building upper body mass and a wide back. There are other variations like the chin-up, where you are using a reverse and slightly closer grip than pull-ups. These work the arms more than the pull ups. Here is a complete analysis of the pull ups and chin ups.


Barbell rows

The barbell row is a classic mass and strength building exercise for the back. It’s hard but it has a lot of benefits like building the rear and side shoulder heads, it uses the lower back and abs as well as your legs and hips to keep you stabilized.

This compound movement simply builds mass. It will help you develop your upper back and develop a “V” shaped body.

One more thing that the row is important for is that it helps in creating balance in strength and size between our pushing and pulling muscles, thus improving our posture.


Dumbbell rows

This is the one-arm variation of the barbell row. It builds thickness in the middle and upper back as well as the rear delts. We have an article where we explain why this version of the row might be a better option for building size in the back. The reason is that the one arm row allows fuller range of motion and greater focus on the pulling muscles.

That being said this type of row allows only lighter weights than the barbell row.


Want to build pounds of lean muscle and transform your body from average to strong and muscular ? Be sure to add these exercises to your training list.

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