Keep Your Muscles Confused For Massive Gains

One of the most sobering facts of bodybuilding is that muscle growth is not an infinite process. No matter how hard you work, and how much effort and dedication you put into your training, you’re bound to eventually hit the wall. Muscle building is a tricky process, and it often throws obstacles at your path. The muscles have sentient quality. In other words, they are able to learn, feel and adapt. After a while they can get accustomed to the routine, and stop growing. In other words, although you think that you’re hitting them with furious pace, they perceive it as normal, thus becoming lazy and refuse to grow.

So, how can you turn the game around? One of the approaches may sound peculiar, yet, as it turns out, it can help you overcome this obstacle. It’s called muscle confusion. By constantly changing your routine you deny the muscles the chance to fall into slumber. Constantly providing them with new challenges will keep them high and alert, making the result more likely to come. We’ve tried to provide you with several tips that can help you in this process.

Change the Exercise

The best approach in confusing your muscles is changing the exercises. Try, for instance to replace your bench exercises with dumbbell flyes, or to doing overhead triceps extensions instead of doing pulldowns.

Increase the Volume

You can also confuse your muscles by changing the volume of your exercise. So, when you think that you’ve reached your limit, you can consider reducing the weight and increasing the volume of your exercises.

Increase the Weight

The opposite approach is just as efficient. In other words, you can try shocking your muscles by going heavy.

There you have it. Our three principles for inducing muscle confusion. However, have in mind that muscle growth is not a never-ending story.

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