11 Proven Steps to Build More Muscle

Does your muscle building efforts leave you frustrated and discouraged more often than not?

If that’s the case, that’s nothing to be ashamed of and it’s certainly not a reason enough to quit.

A lot of guys struggle very hard to properly grow until they learn how to unlock their full potential and you could say that’s pretty natural when you’re new to the game.

So instead of spending a ton of money on gym fees and supplements and aimlessly trying out every new fitness fad, focus on developing the right strategy.

We promise that anyone can build more muscle than they think it’s possible for them if given access to some proper muscle building education.

First of all, you need to avoid all of those over-the-top complicated tips that you’re not sure why you should be following and keep it simple.

Truth be told, all you need to do in order to build the body you desire is to adhere to some very basic rules.

Enter our short 11-step course on how to grow more muscle and rest assured that your dreams will eventually come true!

The 11-Step Game Plan

1. Eat more, eat high quality foods

Eat more, but opt for high-quality whole foods instead of addictive junk foods that offer only empty calories.

No cheat meals allowed, at least not until you really get the hang of it and gain control over your cravings.

This demands plenty of mental fortitude but there’s no way around it. Great bodies are ultimately made in the kitchen.

2. Ensure that you’re getting enough protein to grow

The rule of thumb is 1 to 1.2 gram per lb of bodyweight. Include a variety of protein sources into your diet – lean meats, fish, soy, legumes, nuts and seeds and protein shakes all have their role in keeping your muscles optimally fed.

3. Progressive overload is the name of the game

Strive to increase your training volume (sets x weight) over time, making sure you’re able to recover properly after each workout.

In order to keep stimulating growth, you have to gradually and consistently increase the tension placed on the muscles, which basically means that you need to alternate between adding more weight to the bar and increasing the number of sets and reps you perform.

4. Sleep more

If your body isn’t getting enough rest while you’re away from the gym, your gains will never be what they could be.

Make sure you’re getting 7-8 hours of good quality sleep per night and limit the amount of physical activity you perform on non-training days.

5. Increase training frequency

Once you get pass the initial training stage and your recovery time shortens, increase your training frequency from once to twice per week.

Once you become able to fully recover from two times per week, consider adding a third weekly workout and so on until you get to the point where you can have 4-5 effective workouts per week.

Of course, this also depends on your goals, priorities and work schedule. The point is, avoid progressing too fast.

6. Use correct form 

Always use correct form, no matter how hard or pointless it seems. It gets better over time. Don’t let your body get used to sloppy form and technique.

Poor form reduces the effectiveness of any exercise (increases momentum, brings secondary muscles into play, etc.) and inevitably leads to injury and injury means less gains. Always put form before weight.

7. Be sure to warm up

Always warm up adequately before beginning the workout.

Taking the time to perform a few warm-up sets will do wonders for your performance by increasing blood flow to the working muscles and warming them up properly so that they’re ready to exert maximum effort.

Also, this enables better joint activation and decreases the risk of injury. In the long run, these benefits count more than you think.

8. Use supplements

Pick out a smart handful of supplements to keep your body healthy, upgrade your performance and stimulate better quality growth.

Think whey protein, omega-3 fish oils, multivitamins, vitamin D3, creatine monohydrate and BCAAs.

9. Never miss out a post-workout meal

Post-workout nutrition is crucial for optimal repair and recovery of the damaged muscle tissue, and this is where growth actually happens.

Get adequate amounts of carbs and protein, preferably from whole food sources, although liquid meals are a great choice whenever you don’t have the time to prepare or consume a complete meal.

10. Be consistent and have patience

Don’t break at the first obstacle, nor the 100th one. If you don’t lose your focus and stay on top of your nutrition, training and recovery, soon enough you’ll reap the gains you’ve wanted.

11. Vary your training routine

Change your training routine to ensure maximum activation of muscle fibers and a consistently high stimulus for growth.

Once in a while, try out different training styles and techniques – experiment with different rep schemes, set structures, lifting speeds, exercise variants. Just make sure you don’t do it too often.

In general, it’s best to introduce something new and big to your routine once every 3-6 months.

Don’t be afraid to learn by trial and error – that’s how the truly valuable knowledge gets accumulated.

Yep, this is really all you need to know. Everything else you will encounter during your muscle building journey will be a combination of the above listed tips or a more detailed commentary on some of them.

Print this list and hang it next to your mirror if you have to, just make sure you live by it. So now that you’ve got all the right information, it’s time to hit the gym and make it count.

Are you ready? Go and force those muscles into growth!

Good luck and keep it tight!

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