Strength and Size

What does strength got to do with size? Bodybuilders train for size and therefore they should train differently than powerlifters,who train for strength. You don’t need to lift heavy weights to build muscle.Wrong! Strength and size go together hand in hand and the only way to get bigger is to get stronger.

For steroid users there are obviously different rules. They have increased protein synthesis and can increase their muscle size and definition a lot easier than natural weightlifters. This is why is especially important for a drug free and genetically typical trainees to get stronger first.

You don’t have to stimulate a muscle directly in order for it to become bigger and stronger. Here is where compound exercises come into play. If you double your bench press over a number of years,how canĀ  your arms, shoulders and even the back stay the same size? They also need to grow in order to support the weight that you are lifting.

Forget about trying to keep muscular symmetry while you are building muscle. Get strong first, get bigger and then work on your body symmetry.Put aside the isolation exercises and “pumping” weights until you can squat 400lbs for several reps and bench over 300lbs.Concentrate on the big compound exercises such as squats, deadlifts, presses, pulldowns, dips and rows.

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