And You Think You Eat a Lot – This Guy Eats 20 000 Calories a Day

Every bodybuilder knows that achieving an excellent physique takes way more than just training. Diet is the key to achieve aesthetic looks and is something that every young bodybuilder should be aware of. First of all you should have a big appetite. Anyone who thinks that eating  2000 calories per day is enough to build a muscular body are lying to themselves. The truth is that if you want to compete in professional bodybuilding or if you simply just want to get jacked, then you’ll have to consume large amounts of calories.


What is particularly interesting about the consumption of calories is that, unlike athletes, bodybuilders must be extremely strict in terms of what they consume. Their diet should the exact percentages of macronutrients to get a certain look. However, athletes competing in other sports do not need to be so strict with their macronutrients – they still need enough protein, carbs and healthy fats, but they can be more liberal with the amounts they are consuming.

A second difference is the amount of calories consumed. If a bodybuilder consumes twice the calories of an ordinary man, then a strongman can actually consume twice as many calories that a serious bodybuilder consumes on a daily basis.

When we think of high-calorie diets of strongmen, the name of Robert Oberst appears before us. He is currently the second most powerful man in the United States. Robert trains hard and hopes to receive the title of strongest man in the world. But to achieve this, Obertst (a.k.a. Obie), needs fuel in the form of food that will get his body to the next level of performance.

How much food are we talking about here? He would eat between 10,000 to 20,000 calories a day. You think this is a fictional number? Then take a look at the following video and see for yourself.

When asked if an ordinary person could eat that much food on a daily basis, he answers : “Yes they probably could, but they wouldn’t be ordinary in a very short time”

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