Three Simple Steps for a Shredded Six Pack

Sorry guys, there are no magic tricks for getting a chiseled six pack – only hard work can get you there.

Ripped abs are one of the ultimate features of a fit physique. But if you want to unveil a toned midsection, there’s more to do than building the muscles – you probably already have a six pack hiding under the layer of fat.

So instead of focusing on training even harder, you need to reduce your body fat level by patiently counting calories and burning the remaining of that stubborn fat with some more cardio! Here’s how in three simple steps.

1. Diet

Remember, your goal is not to lose weight but lose excess body fat. To do this you’ll need a diet rich in high-quality proteins and fibers to keep you full, support muscle growth and provide your body with all crucial nutrients for optimal performance and recovery.

2. Cardio

To lose body fat more effectively, you’ll need to incorporate more cardio in your workout routine. Adding an extra 10 minutes of cardio before your strength training can do wonders for fat loss– it’s a great warm up, too.

To optimize the effect, do 20 minutes of cardio exercises as soon as you wake up in the morning.

3. Targeted training

It won’t hurt to work those abdominal muscles a bit more for a killer six pack, right?

The best exercises for the upper abs are rope crunches, decline crunches, ab machine workout or pull down crunches. Pick one and sweat it good.

To work the lower abs, choose between roman chair leg lifts, hanging leg lifts or ab sling leg lifts. Finish it off with an obliques movement: a lying side crunch or a hanging side knee raise.

Train the abs 2-3 times per week with performing 4 sets in total for the upper and lower ab exercises and 1 set for obliques. The reps range of 15 to 30 reps is the best for abs, with even higher reps for the obliques.

Here’s one sample of the possible workout routines (remember, each rep should contain a 3 second hold at the peak contraction):

  • Roman chair leg lifts: 4 sets of 30 reps with 30 second breaks
  • Ab machine: 4 sets of 15 reps
  • Side Oblique Crunch: 1 set of 50 reps


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