Five of The Absolute Best Sources of Protein

When it comes to matters concerning our general health and fitness, there are two things that we should probably take into consideration and they are our activity levels, and our diets. Now, in order for a person to be physically fit and healthy, with a body to match, they need to ensure that they get plenty of physical exercise, and that they also follow a healthy and balanced diet packed full of fresh, natural, and nutritious foods and drinks. Take protein for example.


Protein is absolutely essential for the growth and repair of muscle tissue as the amino acids contained within protein as essentially the building blocks for muscle. As well as benefiting the muscles however, protein also benefits the body in a host of other ways which is why it’s so important for us. Protein is found in a number of different foods but the problem is that the amounts contained within each food can vary from one source to the next. If you’re looking to add more good quality protein to your diets however, then take a look at this list of four of the absolute best sources of protein.

Eggs – When it comes to protein and nutrients, eggs are up there as being one of the healthiest and most beneficial foods you could ever wish for. Before going any further however, make sure that the eggs that you consume are free-range or organic. If they come from battery hens then you’d get more nutritional value from cardboard.

One egg contains around 6 grams of protein but as well as the protein, another reason why eggs are so beneficial is the fact that they contain all amino acids required by the body, a feat that no other food is able to achieve. They’re also rich in minerals and b vitamins too, making them incredibly healthy. There is a myth that the yolks are unhealthy, but I wouldn’t ditch them.

Beef – When it comes to beef, try to go with grass fed beef if you can as this is far healthier and nutritional than grain fed beef. Beef and many other red meats too for that matter, is absolutely jam-packed full of muscle strengthening and building protein, making it one of the best sources out there. It also tastes great which is a nice added bonus. A typical 8oz rump steak contains around 32 grams of protein but as well as the protein, beef is also beneficial because it is rich in minerals including zinc and iron, which help to promote healthy blood and circulation, as well as immune system function as well.


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