The Big Back Workout

The back is the main area to focus if you want to build big and powerful upper body. Like Mike Mentzer said – training big muscles will create a spillover effect over the smaller ones and they will grow too. Most of the people don’t pay much attention to their back, simply because they can’t see it in the mirror. Instead they concentrate on their chests and arms.

But not giving the back the attention it needs is a big mistake. A thick and wide back is the one of the main body parts that makes you look like an athlete (wide shoulders are the other body part). A well developed upper back will provide the upper-body strength needed to progress your training for all-over muscle and a more impressive body shape. Besides good and athletic look, having a strong back will help you stay injury free and healthy.


If you want your back to get bigger, you have to grow stronger first. And nothing beats the deadlifts in building brute strength and muscle mass. Doing them on a regular basis and with strict form will build back and core strength and overall mass.

The deadlift is, at the same time, the most uncomfortable and painful exercise to master.This is why many bodybuilders don’t do it. I suggest wearing a belt when doing the heavy work sets and never compromise your form in favor of more weight on the bar. You can alter deadlifts and barbel rows every other workout.

Do as many warm up sets as you need and then do 3sets x 5reps  or 5sets x 5reps of deadlifts.

Barbell rows

The barbell row is number two exercise for building upper back and traps. With the barbell row, you can really load up on the weight, making it great for upper back development. You also work your rear delts, counterbalancing the effects of the bench press on your pecs and shoulders. It ensures good posture and provides a upper back and core workout.

Just like with the deadlifts – never compromise your form in favor of more weight. You can alter barbel rows with deadlifts every other workout.

Do as many warm up sets as you need and then do 3 sets x 6-8reps  or 5sets x 5reps of barbell rows.

Pull ups

Having a wide back makes for the finishing touch to a strong, muscular and symmetrical back. A back that’s wide at the
top and tapers down to a small waist is simply a picture of beauty. Like we said before – pull ups are the ultimate bodyweight exercise and the best exercise for back width.

Do a 2-3 warm up sets on a lat machine and then do 3 sets of pull ups to complete failure.

That’s it. These three exercises coupled with adequate rest and nutrition will build you a mean back and a true powerful look.

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