The Healthiest 20 Food Items You Can Find In Your Nearest Grocery Store

The grocery store is a haven for the fitness enthusiasts maintaining a healthy diet because of the endless possibilities and options they can choose from. They are usually experienced enough to make the right choices and can read through nutrition labels quite well and avoid any unhealthy ingredients. For the less experienced, we offer you a list of 20 foods that will ease your grocery shopping by making you do the right choices, save time wandering through the rafts and choose the best foods that’ll help you build muscle, burn fat and keep you healthy.


Almonds are an excellent choice no matter if you choose to add them to a salad or just eat them as a snack. They provide lots of benefits to our body. They have a high content of monounsaturated fat and are also proven to be an excellent protein source, source of vitamins such as riboflavin, thiamin and vitamin E, and source of minerals such as iron, zinc and copper. Studies have also shown that consuming almonds decreases cholesterol levels.


Asparagus is full of anti-inflammatory ingredients and has very high folic acid levels. Folic acid helps you prevent sudden mood swings by triggering the release of the neurotransmitter serotonin in your body. Besides elevating your spirit and making you feel good throughout the day, asparagus has been proven to be efficient in fighting cancer. Numerous studies have shown that increasing asparagus consumption can inhibit cancer cell growth and even stop it altogether.


Avocados are rich in monounsaturated fats which are excellent for keeping your heart healthy and being carriers for vitamins A, E, K and D which are soluble in fat. Studies have shown that increasing the consumption of avocados improves cardiovascular health and aids in the regulation of your blood sugar levels. As with the asparagus, research has attributed anti-cancerous characteristics to avocados, especially preventing mouth, prostate and skin cancer.


All kinds of berries count. Blackberries are filled with antioxidants known to improve brain function. Blueberries are filled with vitamin C which protects your sight. There’s no way you could go wrong when you choose either kind and add them to your diet. Despite them having large quantities of vitamins and antioxidants, recent studies have found that raspberries, blueberries and strawberries have certain characteristics which can significantly lower the chances of developing cervical and breast cancer.


Peppers have a high content of antioxidants, vitamins A, E and C. According to numerous studies, bell peppers consumption can help the body eliminate free radicals, which in turn lowers the risk of contracting any illness.


Black beans are both packed with nutrients and cheap. You get to save a few bucks and you get to eat a healthy legume. According to recent research, these beans the same compounds as in berries, red wine and tea which keep your heart healthy and prevent cancer. Additionally, they are rich in protein making them excellent for bodybuilders and those interested in losing weight.


Broccoli are often the subjects of many fitness and bodybuilding related articles and rightly so. They are filled with Vitamin K and C, have high contents of sulforaphane and phytochemical indoles, considered by many to aid in the fight against cancer. And the benefits don’t stop there. Studies have shown that broccoli can help you maintain cardiovascular health.


Brussels sprouts are a delicious food that has lots of essential nutrients in it like vitamins C, K, E B6 and A and minerals like selenium that assists the body in fighting free radicals. Recent research has proven its anti-cancer effects, especially breast, lung, bladder and colon cancer.


This type of squash does not have that many calories excellent for those on low calorie diets and has a high content of vitamin C. What’s more important is that it is filled with beta-cryptoxanthin and beta-carotene. According to studies, there hard-pronouncing compounds can lower the chances of cancer development in the lungs.


The chicken breast with its skin and bones removed is an all-time classic bodybuilding power food. We all know it is one of the best food sources of lean protein, but little does anyone know that it has a high content of the coenzyme Q10, which is in charge for the turnover of skin cells. The protein in it is comprised of eighteen amino acids and has no carbs, which makes it an excellent choice for those wanting to build muscle and lose fat at the same time.


Edamame is a soybean popular in Japan and is starting to gain popularity around the world. It is filled with vitamins B and C and known for being one of the very rare natural foods containing vitamin E. There is a lot of protein in it too. Edamame beans are also known to be a rich natural source of isoflavones and antioxidants.

  1. EGGS

What food list would be complete without mentioning eggs? Eggs are the ultimate power food in almost every aspect. They have what no other food has. They are cheap, enormously rich with the most easily digestible protein and the standard to which other protein sources are compared to and can be bought throughout the entire year. Hundreds of studies have proven the relation between eggs consumption and improved brain health, decreasing inflammation and the improvement of cardiovascular health. Regular consumption can also improve cholesterol levels, which can also improve the cardiovascular health.


Flaxseed is an excellent source of minerals like magnesium and calcium as well as fiber. There are lots of ways you can include it in your diet, you can add it to cereal or blend it in a smoothie shake. Flaxseeds have very high content of lignans, which means lots of omega-3 fats and micronutrients. They can also prevent a number of health issues. Because of the high content of fiber, flaxseed can aid you in preventing heart disease.


Another power food. Yes, we know it leaves you with a foul breath and can stink for hours after you’ve eaten some, but garlic is something that’s a must when doing your grocery shopping. Garlic protects your heart, it reduces cholesterol levels and triglycerides. It further protects your blood cells and vessels from inflammation and oxidation stress. What’s more, studies have found that the components found in garlic can put a stop to potentially dangerous cell changes that in time can develop into tumors.


Onions, being relatives to garlic, have high content of chemical components containing sulfur, which is the main reason for the bad breath, but which are extremely beneficial for your health. Numerous studies have confirmed that regular onion consumption in combination with many other vegetables has lots of cardiovascular benefits, especially preventing heart attacks.


There is a reason why Popeye eats so much of it. No matter if you eating spinach, romaine lettuce or kale, these leafy veggies are extremely dense with nutrients, according to nutritionists around the world. You can add them in your diet by putting them in a salad or serve them on the side previously steamed. They are very low in calories and an excellent source of vitamin K. If you still have doubts, one study has shown that eating spinach prevents the development of prostate cancer in men.


When in doubt about which type of fish to buy, you should always choose salmon. It’s in a class of its own. It is an excellent source of lean protein and has large quantities of omega-3 fats that keep the heart healthy. Numerous studies have found that consuming salmon lowers death risk from diseases of the heart. Of all the salmon products, try finding wild-caught salmon. The salmon raised on a farm very often has its food colored giving the salmon a pink look and are stuffed with antibiotics.


Sweet potatoes are great for quickly adding carb calories to your diet whilst at the same time ingesting valuable nutrients. They are filled with slow-digesting carbs and phytochemicals, as well as fibrous complex, beta-carotene and a multitude of vitamins, one of them being vitamin A. Vitamin A is very important for keeping your eyesight healthy and strong which was confirmed by many studies who have managed to prove a strong correlation between sweet potatoes consumption and eye health.


Tomatoes have very little calories, they are filled with anti-oxidants and have numerous anti-cancer ingredients. Little does anyone know that tomatoes are actually fruits, not vegetables, so you could say they are one of the healthiest fruits. They have high content of lycopene, a compound that maintains cardiovascular health and can protect the skin from excessive exposure to the sun. And that’s not all. Studies have shown that by consuming tomatoes regularly you lower the chances of developing prostate cancer.


Yogurt is one of the healthiest dairy products with an excellent macronutrient ratio and filled with “good” bacteria that promote good digestion. Some research has even claimed that yogurt is more beneficial than milk. Lots of studies have confirmed the improvement effect that regular yogurt consumption has on the digestive system. It can also help you reduce your overall body fat percentage. As with all other products always make sure to read the product’s nutrition labels. Some types of yogurt can have large amounts of sugar. The best option would be to get Greek yogurt.

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