Yoga Changed a Man’s Life In Just 2 Months

Geoff Teehan was a regular guy and pretty athletic. However, although he has always been good at sports, lately he left his self-care habits slide and got a middle-aged belly. His life has become busy and complicated and with that much work it is easy to procrastinate, especially when it comes to working out. Teehan slept short hours and stopped making healthy decisions about his life. However, one day, he decided to make a change.
According to scientists, it takes around 8 weeks, or 60 days to make a new habit a ritual. After Teehan found out about this statistics, he took it to heart after he realized that he has lost his track and has been making very unhealthy decisions about his life. He realized that he was missing on his own potential. Then, he decided to take up yoga. He was not clear about what exactly brought him to this discipline, but he was amazed by the impact it had on his well being.

After 60 days of practicing yoga, he became engaged in the sport, he had more energy and he was a whole lot toned. For the first time after so many years, he managed to lose his belly. Whatever it was that took him to yoga, Teehan definitely made a smart choice in his selection. He found a new and deeper connection to himself.


Studies have found out that yoga impacts on anxiety and after he participated in yoga classes he felt significantly more relaxed and not anxious at all. Yoga has this marvelous effect on anyone, and especially on women with anxiety disorders. Moreover, a number of studies have discovered that yoga can reduce lower pain, depression and even bowel disorders.

What Was Teehan’s Yoga Ritual?

Teehan made a lot of effort to succeed the results. He did yoga every morning at 5 a.m. and even commit to doing yoga when he was travelling. He was looking for a feeling of refreshment, calmness, and connection to himself and his body, and he founded through practicing yoga.

After he made a habit of getting up early in the morning for yoga classes, he started cooking for himself every night. He also stopped drinking alcohol and cut down on consuming drinks with caffeine since they interrupted his much needed sleep.

Teehan Experienced Extremely Positive Outcome

After he committed to himself in this way, Teehan found himself to think more deeply about the world and things around him. He feels now that he is more engaged and dedicated completely to everything he does, every moment of every day. He has a lot more confidence and stability in his life, just by practicing yoga. He has never felt more alive and so hungry for new challenges and adventures.

Teehan made an excellent choice and changed his life to much better. He made his life worthwhile just by doing something everyone could do. Yoga is available to anyone, and practicing it for two months can completely alter your life. So, why don’t you try it and see if you can manage to complete the challenge to make a new healthy habit.

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