6 Ripped Action Roles that Need to Be Revived

#4. Frank Grillo as Highlander

Frank Grillo has worked steadily for decades before receiving some serious attention thanks to his outstanding performances in “Warrior”, “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” and “The Purge: Anarchy”, where he plays the perfect antihero.

Besides his acting skills, the 50-year-old Grillo has an incredible physique to be proud of. He’s been boxing his whole adult life and puts in a lot of effort to stay in great shape. He usually hits the gym six days a week and is a firm believer in the paleo diet. Truth be told, Grillo may lack the height with his modest 5’10’’, but he definitely has the physical appeal of a hardened, battle-scarred, time-traveling warrior.


Frank Grillo as Highlander

#5. Mike O’Hearn as He-man

At 46-years old, the 6’3’’ former American Gladiator Mike “Titan” O’Hearn looks too good to be true, which is why many people whine that he must be taking s******s and lying about being all natural. Whatever the case, O’Hearn is a rock-solid 262 pounds of lean muscle and seems to have the magical ability to maintain around 6% of body fat all year round. Furthermore, his strength is equivalent to his god-like aesthetics and he sports one of the greatest chiseled jawlines of all time. It’s almost too easy to imagine him as the pumped, powerful He-Man, and according to his social media profiles, he badly wants the role himself.


Mike O’Hearn as He-man

#6. Tony Jaa as Bruce Lee

Can you think of a martial arts baddass with a greater resemblance to the fighting master than Tony Jaa? The raising action movie star sports a very muscular but lean and athletic body that could do justice to Bruce Lee’s razor sharp physique. Additionally, his fighting style is pretty damn solid. And who said that Bruce Lee can’t be replaced? I bet there isn’t a soul alive who wouldn’t want to see a top-notch remake of “Enter the Dragon”.


Tony Jaa as Bruce Lee

What do you think? Can you think of better candidates for these unforgettable action roles? Hit us with your opinions and comments in the section below!

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