6 Tips for Flirting in the Gym

Have you noticed that the gym is probably the perfect place to make both great friends and meet great dates? Think about it. Most of the men and ladies that go to the gym are in great shape, obviously share your fitness-oriented lifestyle, and the environment provides plenty of opportunities for the start of a decent conversation.

Now, if your experience with flirting at the gym is less than positive, we’re pretty sure you are doing it wrong. Giving women long, creepy looks, interrupting their sessions to offer cheesy pick-up lines or taking pictures of them working out are crucial mistakes that will immediately destroy your chances of winning their attention. But if you use the following tips that we constructed after consulting a few female fitness freaks, we can guarantee that your chances of scoring a hot date will sky-rocket. Read on!

#1. Don’t stare

We understand that it can be pretty difficult to avoid staring at a girl with a perfectly defined, firm body, but the ladies usually interpret this behavior as creepy and annoying and will most often run off to the opposite corner of the gym once they catch you drooling over them. And they will.

#2. Smile at the right time

There’s a reason why the title includes the phrase “at the right time”. You should be able to recognize when that time is – for example, as she is crossing your path or you’re working out close to each other (and her headphones aren’t in!) and eye-contact is simply bound to happen. In such situations, just offer a friendly smile and see how it goes from there.

#3. Avoid commenting on her body

Women who come to the gym to really work out and are devoted to being fit and healthy don’t want to be treated like another hot piece of a*s. They work out hard to stimulate muscle growth and achieve better definition and they’re tired of men who try to pick them up with sleazy lines like they’re some bimbos.

#4. But do comment on her gear!

When the time to start a conversation comes, compliment her cool fitness gear or casually offer some tips from your personal experience. This will show that you take her efforts seriously and will hit the spot much better than complimenting her glutes. And once you discover a second topic of common interest (which shouldn’t be so hard since you obviously have at least one thing in common!), things get incredibly easy.

#5. Don’t try to win her attention with ego-lifting

If you try to lift ridiculous amounts of weight when she’s around, you’re more likely to fail and embarrass (or even injury) yourself than actually impress her. Unless she’s a particularly shallow and ignorant person, she won’t care how much you lift and will check out your muscles instead. In addition, avoid producing loud, obnoxious grunts for the same purpose!

#6. Dress better

Refreshing your gym attire is a smart investment when you’re hoping to get a positive reaction. It’s just the way we are wired as human beings – aesthetics have always been and always will be one of the first things we notice when meeting a new person and are very likely to set the tone for the first impression. As a good rule of thumb, your clothes should be clean, comfortable and not screaming “look at me”.

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