Rare Video: Tom Platz Interviews Top Pros On Anabolics Usage

Let’s get real and simply admit that you cannot reach the professional level in bodybuilding without backing up your time at the gym with performance-enhancers and other growth-stimulating drugs. Anabolic drugs are like the pink elephant in the room that everybody ignores, even though it’s no secret that they are regularly used by all of the top bodybuilders.

Do you really believe that their insane degree of muscularity is something you can get with a slight improvement of the average bodybuilder’s diet and training?

These days a lot of supplement manufacturers will try to convince you that there are ‘more natural’ ways to achieve the effect of anabolics – this is not true and it never will be. Performance-enhancing drugs are inevitable at the very top of this game and it doesn’t look like the situation is going to change any time soon.

However, it’s important to note that spectacular bodies cannot be made by using anabolics alone, so the bodybuilders who use them regularly still have to train heavy and follow a strict diet plan. Real gains can be made only through hard and dedicated work, and the anabolics can then enhance them on a whole new level. Just think about it – if anabolics could give you the ripped body of your dreams on their own, every second guy you see in the gym would have achieved that level of lean muscularity.

However, the truth is that you need a lot more than magical substances to make it to the top. And while some pro’s are rather unwilling to admit their usage, others have been more open about it, which is very cool since bodybuilding fans will always be able to tell the difference by themselves. When everybody already knows you’ve used performance-enhancers, why not speak openly about it and help us all overcome the taboo that surrounds them?

Tom Platz is one of those brave guys who wanted to educate people on how anabolics work and what is the right way to use them. He is also one of the few bodybuilders who have openly admitted to taking the drug during their heyday. There will always be people who are willing to take them, and without access to reliable informations, most of them end up doing it the wrong way, resulting with catastrophic consequences.

In fact, Platz was so determined to share this valuable knowledge that he made an educational video featuring some of the top level competitors of his day. No matter what’s your personal opinion on the subject, you gotta admit it’s refreshing to see bodybuilders speak candidly about it, so check out his amazing old school video and learn the truth about drug usage behind the stage:

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