Buck and Michelle Miller Claim to be America’s, if Not the World’s Best-Looking Couple

You’d be right if you thought Buck and Michelle never lacked self-confidence. One just needs to take one look at them!

Buck and Michelle Miller are practically obsessed with their bodies and claim to be America’s, if not the world’s best-looking couple. They spend huge amounts of money every year just to maintain their image. Portraits of themselves and mirrors are placed all over their walls in their home in Las Vegas, as they monitor every inch of their bodies constantly and find a new way to improve their shredded physiques. They spend around $5000 each month on pedicures, manicures, tanning, haircuts and gym membership and are so serious about maintaining their physiques that they prepare all of their meals for the week in advance.


Buck, who is 27 and is an amateur bodybuilder, confidently claims that they are America’s best-looking couple, with no doubt in his mind whatsoever. He is further reported to have said that if there were a competition for the world’s best-looking couple, they would sign up immediately. He said that every time he walked by a mirror, he couldn’t resist admiring himself and he was always asking Michelle to take some photos.

Michelle is 33 years old, has 34D breast implants, is 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighs around 140 lbs, and Buck weighs slightly over 180 lbs. Michelle whose profession is a nutritionist has gained fame from all over the Internet with her provocative photos with her 26-inch waist and 33-inch hips. They met at a bodybuilding contest in California in February 2012, where each was supporting a competitor friend. When they first met, she was living in Vancouver and had one son from a previous relationship. Buck said that the first thing that he liked about Michelle was her amazing body. He said that he had always been attracted to women with more muscle mass on them and that her quads had been amazing. The way she looked inspired him to get into the fitness lifestyle himself. He wanted to look just as good next to her.


Buck claims bodybuilding has turned him into a better person overall. He says he gained a great deal of self-confidence, feels great about himself and how bodybuilding taught him discipline and brought structure to his life. He says motivating and inspiring people has become the mission of his life. Nowadays, Michelle and Buck are literally flooded with questions from fans and attention from regular people when they leave their house together.

They say people go absolutely crazy when they see them together. When they talk a walk on the strip or are buying groceries at the market, people simply can’t resist staring at them, it’s like they’re mobbed. Buck finds it flattering when the guys check out Michelle’s sculpted body. He says they can look, as long as they’re not touching. Their ultimate dedication to their fitness means that they need to cook all of their meals a few days in advance, with every gram and ounce carefully measured with an almost scientific accuracy.

Michelle says that all the foods they eat are gluten free and organic. She says that they track every single ounce that they consume and extremely diligent about it all. They eat 6 meals per days, 7 days per week and never have a cheat meal, not once, not even when on their birthdays. They are aware, however, that with the emphasis that they put on their bodies and with their obsession, there will be inevitably some people who would consider all of that extremely superficial.

Buck who is a personal trainer knows the importance of an aesthetically pleasing physique. He says that if someone were to tell him that he is vain, there would be two responses. He’d tell them to take off their shirt, then he’ll take off his and tell them to repeat the thing about him being vain. He knows that there are people out there who would do all kinds of things to have a body like his.

Even though Michelle and Buck have an extremely structured lifestyle, they have the total support of their 12-year-old son Kyler. They say that he’s really proud of his parents and it is quite possible that they might follow in their footsteps. He’s not your average 12-year-old, he eats the same way they do and completely avoids eating junk food or any food that’s unhealthy. When asked about if he wanted to look like his dad, he says yes. He knows his father is a bodybuilder and what’s he’s supposed to look like, really fit and big and he hopes that one day he will not only look good like him but surpass him.

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