12 Reasons Why You Should Start Cutting Fat as Soon as Possible

  1. Increased testosterone

The fatter you are, the more testosterone will be converted into estrogen, which is absolutely not good if you’re a man. This process is also known as aromatization, and by cutting and getting leaner, you will decrease its rate and increase your serum testosterone levels. Higher testosterone levels result in greater strength, increased energy and improved confidence in your everyday life. This will spill over in all areas of your life and will inevitably improve your general sense of well-being.


  1. You’ll get better in the sack

Not only will women find you more attractive when you get leaner, but you will also be able to endure longer and perform better in bed. As previously mentioned, the blood flow to your p***s will be increased, which will enable better erections. You will also have a lot more stamina and endurance which will allow you to increase the intensity and go for marathon sessions. Simply put, your girlfriend/wife will notice a huge difference, pun intended.

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  1. It’s great having a six-pack

Anyone who’s managed to get below 10% body fat knows the feeling. It’s the look of awe that girls give once you take your shirt off. If you have a chiseled midsection it will most certainly get noticed in today’s society. When you get to the beach you won’t be shy anymore to take your top off and the girls won’t be shy to take a glance either. Even when it’s cold, uploading a picture of your six-pack on social media will get people talking about your awesome physique. Girls will want to be with you and men will want to be you.


  1. Get sponsored

Long gone are the days when one had to win Mr. Olympia to get sponsored. Nowadays, you don’t even have to compete. If you get yourself in good enough shape and manage to gain large enough following on any social media platform, very soon supplement companies will start to offer their sponsorships and will be willing to pay you a hefty sum of money or give you free supplements as an alternative.

However, for you to get this type of offer you need to in top-notch shape, meaning you need to be as lean and shredded as possible. The first thing you should aim for is getting down to 6% body fat and you should also have a decent amount of muscle mass on your frame. Very often, it will be you who will have to approach these companies and sell yourself as a “product”.

Bottom line, the more shredded and muscled you are, the more prestigious companies will want to work with you. That means, start cutting now.


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