The Best Fat-Loss Supplement Combos (Part 2)

7. Whey protein and soy

Nowadays, everyone knows how helpful whey protein powders can be when it comes to building muscle, but little do people know that they are also helpful for fat loss. Using both whey and soy protein powders to increase your daily protein intake is an excellent method to build muscle and lose fat at the same time. Lots of studies have shown that fat loss is greatly enhanced when the whey protein powder is incorporated into the diet. One of the main reasons for this might be beca‌use of whey protein’s ability to reduce hunger.

One study in particular found that participants who took whey protein an hour and half before eating a large meal ate less food than when they took a casein protein shake. It’s been found that the reason for this because there was a 60% greater increase in the hormones cholecystokining and glucagonlike peptide-1 which are known to reduce hunger. If you’ve been reading up on protein consumption and its relation to muscle building, you already know that soy protein isn’t meant for women only, it also provides a lot of benefits for men. One of them is increased fat loss. Studies have discovered that soy protein has peptides which cause the brain to keep the resting matabolic rate elevated in order to burn more fat, as well as reduce hunger to make you eat less food during the day. You can ‌mix them like this: right before training, drink a protein shake with 10 grams each of whey and soy proteins.

Immidiately post-workout, drink a shake with 20 grams each of whey and soy protein. Between meals, drink a shake with 10-20 grams each of whey and soy protein.

8. GLucomannan and 5-HTP

The main rule you need to follow in order to get lean is that you have to decrease your caloric and carbohydrate intake. But the main problem that comes with this approach is that it is invariably followed by hunger, sometimes unbearable. That’s why there are some supplements which can make you feel full for prolonged periods. Glucomannan, which is a soluble fiber coming from the konjac plant roor, absors large quantities of water in the digestive system, which makes you feel satiated.

One study has found that participants who took glucomannan lost a lot of weight and fat regardless of whether they exercised or not. For the majority of people, decreasing their carb intake is extremely hard. Serotonin levels can drop significantly when on a cutting diet, especially when carb intake is decreased. This creates strong carb cravings, especially at night. The essential amino acid tryptophan is converted into 5-Hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP) before it starts forming melatonin and serotonin in your body, which will curb carb cravings and help you relax before going to bed. One study has found that obese subjects who consumed 5-HTP ate a smaller number of calories a day and lost 10 pounds in 12 weeks. Test subjects, on the other hand, took a placebo and reported that they found it hard to limit their food consumption and lost only a couple of pounds. Take 1-2 g of glucomannan before each meals and 50-300 mg of 5-HTP before going to sleep.

9. CLA and fish oil

Two decades ago, low-fat diets void of virtually all types of fat were extremely popular in the fitness and nutrition community and were deemed the best way to lose fat, with the notion of healthy fats completely ignored. Back then, nutrition scientists and doctors suggested eliminating avocados, nuts, salmon, olive oil and many other h‌ealthy fat sources that now we know are essential to the proper functioning of our bodies and should definitely be included in our diets.

It may seem a bit counterintuitive to suggest that you eat fats in order to drop fats, but CLA and fish oil are such fat sources that will help you do just that if you take them as directed. CLA, which is short for conjugated linoleic acid, has been proven to help you with shedding the excess bodyfat while helping you build muscle and increase your strength at the same time.  One of the ways CLA works is that it ihibits lipoprotein lipase, which is an enzyme found around fat cells, whose function is to pick up the fat from circulation and store it as bodyfat. One study has found that participants who took CLA for 6 months without the use of any diet or training program lost more fat, (most of it coming from the midsection), in comparison to participants who consumed an equal amount of olive oil. The group that took CLa also experience increased muscle growth without training.

Another study, found that participants who took CLA and were following a training program lost more fat and gained more muscle and strength without being on a diet than participants who took a placebo. Fish oil has a high amount of the essential omega-3 fatty acids which are known to be extremely helpful with fat burning. The way they function is that they are converted to prostaglandins, which are hormone-like compounds which stimulate thermogenesis. A study found that omega-3 fatty acids can also help prevent ingested fat be stored into fat deposits. Take 3-4 grams of CLA and 1-2 grams of fish with all your meals.

You can even go further and combine these different combos into a mega-combo. This can give you even greater fat-burning results. The best way to elicit the greatest results is to give all 9 combos a try, of course, if it stays within your budget limits. Try any option for a couple of weeks, see how it goes, then add others one at a time, so you know which one works best for you. Combined with a sound diet and training plan, you should be seeing an impressive physique really fast.

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