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Science Based Steps To Lose Weight

If you are like most people, then you have a few layers of fat that you have gained over the years and it seems you just can’t shake them off, no matter what you do and how hard you try.

Although the road to weight loss should be a very simple one – eat right and exercise regularly and the pounds will melt away – only a handful of people manage to complete the journey to their dream body with relative ease. Most of us take a few wrong turns on the way and end up regaining every pound we’ve lost and adding a few more after another round of bad fad diets.

Believe it or not, the solution to this universal problem is setting the right mindset before embarking on your weight loss journey. Instead of letting others shape your decisions, you can ensure significant results in a short period of time by educating yourself about the way your body works and restructuring your approach to weight loss with the help of the latest scientific findings. No more magical pills, diet shakes and revolutionary training programs. This article will help you get right back on track in 5 quick basic steps!

#1. Don’t starve yourself!

Don’t forget that food is fuel for the organism. By starving your body, you will only slow down your metabolism and hinder your progress in the long term.

Avoid any diet plan that advises you to eat less than the minimal amount of calories your body needs to function properly. No matter how much weight you lose, if your health suffers along the way, you won’t be able to enjoy your new body.

#2. Cut back on sugar

Starches and sugar stimulate the release of insulin in the body more than any other nutrients found in food. And since insulin is a major fat-storing hormone, you need to keep its production as low as possible.

There’s no getting around this one – if you’re serious about weight loss, say goodbye to your favorite sugary snacks, sodas and desserts, as well as french fries and baked potatoes. In addition, after you cut back on starch and sugar, all of that water weight you’ve been carrying around will disappear in the first week or two of dieting.

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#3. Eat high-protein foods

The second big step after breaking up with carbs is increasing your protein intake, so make sure that each of your meals includes a major source of good quality protein.

Foods rich in protein are filling, muscle-friendly and offer great metabolic benefits that will improve your body’s ability to burn calories. Also, high-protein foods help control blood sugar and insulin levels, thereby increasing your fat-burning potential even further. The best choices include fish and sea food, lean meats, eggs, soy and mushrooms.

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#4. Increase the intensity

Forget about the treadmill. If you really want to lose weight on a fast and efficient way, you need a high-intensity training routine. Tons of studies have already proven that high-intensity workouts yield far superior results compared to moderate and low intensity workouts, regardless of their duration.

Pair the principle of high intensity with strength training and you’ve got the perfect combination for melting fat away, building quality muscle and priming your metabolic rate.

#5. Relax and try to get enough sleep

Make no mistake, getting fit is a task that demands your full attention and plenty of sacrifices. And one of the most underrated contributing factors to weight loss and maintaining a lean body is sleep. First of all, a lack of sleep is associated with an increased daytime level of cortisol, a hormone that causes increased appetite, poor blood sugar control and excessive fat storage.

Some studies have actually shown that chronically elevated levels of cortisol can negate even the effects of the best diet and training program. Therefore, if you’re constantly stressed out or not getting enough sleep night after night, you won’t see any great results from your weight loss efforts. So in order to boost your progress and improve your overall well-being, find a relaxing technique that works for you and opt for at least 6-8 hours of sleep per night.

#6. Avoid fad diets

We assume that you’ve already had your share of ineffective diets that left you even fatter and unhappier that you were before you started them, but can you really tell a good diet from a fad one? Let’s make it a bit clearer. Any diet that excludes protein foods, relies too much on a certain supplement, claims to provide outstanding results in an inadequately short period of time or supports its validity only with before and after pictures of satisfied clients, is not the right diet for you, period.

If you follow this simple guideline in the process of selecting the right diet plan and training program for you, we can guarantee you that you will lose weight on a sustainable way and promote your health and well-being. It might not be super fast, because real results never come that quick, but if you just make the effort and commit yourself to your new healthy habits, your dream body will be only one step away.

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