5 Foods Which Absolutely Wreck Your Metabolism

4. Whole milk

You may think that drinking whole milk is perfectly healthy for your body since you’ve heard many times that it does the body good, bu the truth is that drinking it makes your metabolism slow down. Milk is indeed packed with lots of vitamins, but that’s because the processing which it goes through eliminates all the essential nutrients.

This means that you aren’t really drinking vitamins and minerals that are naturally occurring in the milk, but synthetic vitamins and minerals produced by the food industry. Not to mention the fact that it’s milk from another species, there’s hardly anything natural for the human body in conventional industrial grade milk, artificially packed with nutrients.

If you really do love milk, a healthier alternative would be to drink the organic version to reap the benefits of all the protein, vitamin D and calcium inside. Also, opt for organic dairy products so you can avoid all the hormones and antibiotics found in conventional dairy.

5. Fast food

Everybody knows that eating fast food is one of the worst things you can do for your health. One of the reasons for that is it can really slow down your metabolism. You can find MSG in almost every kind of fast food, making the food incredibly tasty, making you addicted to it and wanting more. French fries are one type of fast food which will greatly slow down your metabolism since it’s made from industrial GMO potatoes and are deep-fried in oils laden with GMO.

The beef put in fast food is mass produced, and there’s a high possibility that you can find bits of different cows in the same burger. This greatly increases the risk of getting a disease and it’s almost a fact that you’ll consume growth hormones and antibiotics which are given to cows to prevent them from catching various diseases and to make them grow faster.

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Instead of eating fast food, always opt for fresh veggies and fruits, lean meats and other clean protein sources. The general misconception is that they don’t taste as good as junk food. Try an experiment on yourself and don’t eat any fast food for one month. You will find yourself craving the healthy foods and you’ll have no desire to eat the junk food again.

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