5 Foods Which Absolutely Wreck Your Metabolism

Keeping the metabolism revved up will have a great positive impact on how you feel during the day and keep you slim and fit. Eating the right foods can have a tremendous impact on your metabolism, but avoiding the foods that slow it down is just as important. In this article we present you the 5 worst foods that have the most negative impact on your metabolism:

1. Donuts

Everyone’s favorite TV character Homer Simpson represents the perfect example of a man that’s wrecked his metabolism and it’s easy to discern why that is. Homer’s favorite sweet is donuts and they pack a double punch being made both from flour and having huge quantities of sugar. And if this isn’t enough to slow down your metabolism, donuts are pretty often deep-fried in oil which is not natural, shocking the metabolism and making it wonder why you’re doing this to yourself.

A healthy alternative would be baked donuts, especially the ones that are made with a flour from a healthier source such as almond or coconut flour which contain greater amounts of fiber and will help boost your metabolism instead of slowing it down.

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2. Pasta

Surely you’ve experienced feeling sleepy after eating a whole bowl of pasta and barely trying to stay awake. That’s your metabolism telling you it took a direct hit. Pasta will not only make you gain weight, it will also greatly slow your metabolism down. It’s made out of flour, and the flour is mostly made of sources which aren’t helping you get enough nutrients. Eating pasta can cause a big spike in blood sugar levels and make you feel lethargic after eating it, which in turn makes you less willing to train and will leave you with a slow metabolism.

Instead of eating conventional pasta, you can try eating whole wheat pasta, or maybe pasta made from vegetables. A popular suggestion would be spaghetti squash, and you can also use a spiralizer so transform zucchini into a dish akin to pasta.

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3. Sodas

Caffeine present in colas and lots of other carbonated drinks may have a positive impact on your alertness, however in the long-term. It can have a really nasty impact on your metabolism. Among these high fructose corn syrup is one of the worst when it comes to making you gain lots of weight real fast and having a hard time trying to lose it afterward. It is also extremely addictive, which makes it difficult for many people to just quit drinking it. It is found in almost every soft drink sold on the market, and it’s only one of the variety of sugars contained in these beverages which will greatly harm your metabolism.

Instead of drinking sugary drinks why not quench your thirst with a glass of cold, clean and pure water. After all, that’s what our ancestors have been doing for thousands of years. Drinking lots of water will get rid of the extra sodium in your body and hydrate the main internal organs and improve their functioning.

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