The Best Protein You Can Eat, According To Nutritionists

Consumption of protein is very important for providing proper and satiating nourishment for your body, building muscle and losing weight. However, just as it is important to eat protein, it’s much more important from where our protein comes.

There are many reasons for this. To begin with, each protein source has a different composition of amino acids, which constitute the proteins. Nine of the 20 different amino acids are classified as essential, i.e. it’s possible to get them only from whole food. That is why it is so important find a protein source that supplies you with these essential amino acids.

Although animal protein sources like meat, fish, eggs and dairy, contain more or less all of the nine above mentioned amino acids, the plant-based sources most often provide you with only some of them. In other words, while a diet consisting solely of peas might provide you with enough proteins to get you through the day, it won’t supply you with all the amino acids you need.

So if you are only consuming plant protein, you should include different protein rich vegetables in your diet, in order to be sure that you’ve had all the necessary amino acids.

However, this is not a reason for completely switching from vegetables to steaks for all your meals. Getting the protein from all-meat diet could very easy put you in a position where you consume too many calories, saturated fat and cholesterol. As a result, instead of losing weight you might start gaining it.
The last reason for carefully choosing your protein source, and trying to include as many different foods as you can is that they all provide your body not only with protein, but also with a very own set of vitamins and minerals.

Some foods abound in vitamin A, others in minerals or antioxidants, and still others provide you with nothing but empty calories. It’s important to remember that our body can’t thrive just on protein and needs many different nutrients to back them up.

If you want to be sure that you’ve found the right sources of protein, check this list where we offer you some of the healthiest protein rich foods.


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