Do You Need to Use Supplements to Build Muscle ?

Do you really need supplements to build muscle ? Ask any supplement company this question and you are likely to get an answer that overrates supplements -“Yes, you absolutely need supplements to build X lbs of muscle” or “You’ll lose pounds of fat” or something like “If you’re skinny, take the newest supplement X and you’ll get jacked in no time”

Even though supplements, when used the right way, can speed up your recovery, improve your performance, help you build muscle, they are not as critical for muscle building as supplement-producing companies make them to be.

The best muscle building substance you can ever put in your body is – food. That’s right. Nothing can compare to real food. Food builds muscle, food improves performance, food makes you stronger, real food provides you with energy.

If you think about it, supplements are food too. The main difference is that they have some of the nutrients in concentrated form. Take whey protein for example – 100 grams of protein powder can contain 90%+ protein. Most meats, however, have 20 something grams of protein per 100g.

So to answer the question – do you need supplements to build muscle ? No, you don’t – but they can absolutely help in getting that edge or building muscle.

Supplements such as nitric oxide boosters, caffeine, creatine can improve your energy and stamina. Protein powders and amino acids can help you reach your daily protein requirement.

Remember to always rely on real food as your basic fuel. Supplements are just what their name states – a bit of help to get past the plateau.

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