Nutrient Partitioning : Eat Big, Gain Only Muscle

With C3G, it is much better to eat a lot of carbs, especially when you work out, but it’s important to eat them at all times of the day. When you take C3G your body will act like it has a better insulin sensitivity and will work more efficiently. All of the calories that you consume will go into your muscles, meaning your muscles will grow and your fat deposits will reduce over time. If you are dieting while taking C3G, the fat deposits will be burned while the muscle deposits will be kept. It’s a small loophole in the biology of humans – and you can use it to make your body know how to process nutrients much more efficiently. If you want to learn more information, Google “cyanidin 3-glucoside” and learn all about this substance.


Fatty acids consumption?

A whole different way to boost your nutrient partitioning ability is to keep track of your fatty acids and their ratios. The Western diet has a lot more omega-6 than the necessary omega-3, with a ratio as big as twenty to one! The healthiest ratio would be four to one, which gives you an insight as to how unhealthy this actually is. When you have this fatty acid imbalance in your body, it tends to lead to a chronic inflammatory state, which is a determinant for poor insulin sensitivity, but also obesity and diabetes. What does all of this mean? Eat more fish or take some more fish oil!


What are your choices?

If you want to make the nutrient partitioning process more efficient, you have two possible ways of continuing:

  1. Restrict!

Be much more careful when you calculate how much carbohydrates you’re going to eat. Tweak your eating schedule so that it will take you only a few hours (pre-workout, workout and immediately post-workout carbs) to consume over 70% of all the carbs you are going to eat that day. Put most of those 30% that are left into a solid post-workout meal. This will assist you in utilizing your potential in your nutrient partitioning processes. Also, you can cut your total carbohydrate intake, which is always uncertain. You can eat fewer carbohydrates to make your nutrient partitioning processes better, but this means that fewer carbs go into the muscle cells as well! This means that your newfound ability for nutrient partitioning will have nothing to utilize.

  1. Take a supplement!

You can use C3G to modify or repair your nutrient partitioning abilities so that your body will be able to process more carbs, both around your workout and at literally any time of the day – and make sure that the nutrients are going into the muscles and not the fat deposits. Also, you can take some omega-3 fatty acids to stop the chronic inflammation of your fat cells, which in turn will boost your sensitivity to insulin. If you pick this choice, you will have more impressive results, but whatever you pick: stick to it! Don’t just start one thing and quit after a few weeks: stick to your program and you will see the results you wanted.


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