How the Modern Diet is Slowly Destroying Your Health and How You Can Protect Yourself

Food can be a remedy, I’m sure everybody know this. But not everybody is aware that food can also be a poison, and somehow this fact remains in the background….until the moment when you find out that the modern diet really “hurts” you. In this article we’ll see how our immune system and body react when they are continuously exposed to refined sugar, salt , trans fats , colorings, preservatives , additives, etc.

We won’t use complicated terms, nor will we analyze extensive research, because the damage done from processed foods is certain. The aim is to make you think more about the food you buy, because often the side effects of unhealthy diet occur cumulatively over the years and through the generations.

Modern diet and processed foods – what are they really

By “modern diet” we point the diet used by the masses of people in industrialized countries – the diet in which packaged foods with a long shelf life and processed foods are predominant.

Processed foods are those that are high in trans fats, refined sugar and salt, as well as harmful dietary supplements (additives). They often have a high caloric value, but are devoid of vitamins and minerals and quality macronutrients. It is said that these foods “rob the body.”

I’m sure that most of you already know how important the consumption of nutrient dense foods is, but there are those that think that eating junk food is not a big deal if they exercise regularly.

Unfortunately, a calorie is not just a calorie. The source of the calories we consume is very important for good health and proper body function.

Processed foods and our immune system

Have you noticed how often people get ill lately ? They blame mainly environmental and air pollution, but rarely point their finger at the bad diet. Studies show that in the last few decades we are seeing a significant increase in frequency of autoimmune diseases, which is quite alarming.

The exact cause of these diseases remains unclear, but it is strongly believed that the main reason is not only the genetic factor, but the close interaction between the genes and the environment – toxic chemicals, pollution, infections…. and food.

The diet that the masses follow today, differs a lot from the diet that people used to follow 30-40 years ago. Nowadays, the list of additives is quite longer than before, preservatives and artificial flavors are commonly used. New breeds of plants and animals are artificially created and genetic modification is way more often mentioned.

With the increase of diabetes and MS (multiple sclerosis) in industrialized countries, the relationship with the poor diet as a potential risk factor is getting more evident.

High levels of sodium in the diet are related to hypertension and / or problems with the cardiovascular system. Low levels of vitamin D are associated with arthritis and other problems. Many allergies, asthma and eczema are the result of excessive presence of processed foods in our diet.

Ultimately, about 70% of our immune cells are found in the digestive system and thus they are in direct contact with the food we eat every day. it is only logical that a person on a bad diet is likely to have problems with their immune system.

If the immune system is infected by bacteria in food or detects the food we eat as an allergen (especially because of artificial additives in processed foods) it will trigger the inflammation alarm.


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