The Top 9 addictive Foods That You Probably Eat On a Daily Basis And How To Avoid Them

5. Ice cream

It’s kids’ favorite food and the ultimate reward for when they are well-behaved. Nothing beats the combo of sweet, cold and creamy texture. It’s even more delicious when you add various chocolate pieces, fruit flavors or some peanuts or almonds in it. The bad side of ice cream is that it contains too many calories, around 250 and around 20 grams of fat, which can seriously derail your diet and increase caloric consumption if you start overrating it.

A healthy alternative is a yogurt. You should look for one that is sugar-free. Yogurt is high in protein, it is very satiating and decreases cravings in comparison to yogurt low on protein and it has an additional creamy texture to it which makes it a good alternative for ice cream and frozen yogurt.

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6. Fries

Potatoes in their natural state are the biggest inhibitors of hunger, but as soon as you start frying them in various oils, sprinkle salt on them or put ketchup on them filled with high-fructose corn syrup, its properties change and makes them extremely unhealthy and dangerous. A big meal of fries packs around 500 calories and 30 grams of fat, which is around a third of what a normal person should consume in one day.
Instead of frying them, try baking them.

A study has shown that the majority of people classify potatoes as one of the most satiating and hunger-inhibiting foods on the planet. That is understandable since they have large amounts of starch in them, which means they should be avoided by those on a low-carb diet plan, meaning they should opt for veggies like peppers, radishes, celery and cucumbers instead.

7. Soda (not the diet type)

Soda has lots of healthy substitutes like soda sweetened with stevia, diet soda or seltzer. Yet, the majority of people lack the realization that it can be very dangerous. It has been proven to cause a rapid fat gain, increased risk of developing diabetes and various other diseases. It’s absolutely one of the most dangerous substances you can ingest for your overall wellbeing and health.And it being liquid has no influence on reducing food cravings or decreasing caloric consumption.

You should try drinking mineral water instead. If ordinary tap water doesn’t refresh you enough you could try the sparkling mineral variety with some lemon taste added. That way you avoid all the unnecessary calories and you consume a very healthy amount of antioxidants.

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8. Cake

Who doesn’t love cake? With its pastry filled with sweet cocoa flavor, creamy chocolate, various fruit chunks added into it, it takes a lot of self-control to say no to it. It is also filled with the most processed ingredients on this same list. It is made of highly refined flour and sugar and processed fat which improves its tastiness and texture. It will quickly cause blood sugar spikes, won’t satiate you and leave you wanting more shortly after.

A protein powder shake is a very good alternative. It’s known for both processed and yet a healthy food. Whey protein is known to improve insulin sensitivity and blood sugar levels, while at the same time reducing cravings and building muscle tissue. Add some fruit in the mixer, like cocoa powder, peanut butter, some fruits for some extra flavor and healthy calories. The combinations are endless and you can find them all on the Internet, in case you’re wondering what to add.

9. Cheese

Even though cheese has almost no carbohydrates in it and a good quantity of protein, it needs to be eaten with a measure of caution since servings are usually very small. Add in the fact that when you are eating cheese you are rarely eating it alone; it’s always served on the side with some bread or crackers or any other type of food filled with processed carbs.
What you should try instead is an avocado. It’s often called an anti-obesity cure by nutritionists and it is filled with various antioxidants and healthy ingredients and very rich in monounsaturated fats. Research has shown that avocado has a big inhibiting effect to food cravings and can aid you in losing weight if it is incorporated in a diet plan that takes meal portions into consideration.

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