The Top 9 addictive Foods That You Probably Eat On a Daily Basis And How To Avoid Them

The list of the 9 most addictive foods

This list was made by compiling interviews of around 400 people suffering from addictive eating disorders aged between 18 to 60.
One of the most important indicators of addiction was the presence of a high glycemic load which is a term describing both the amount of refined carbohydrates as well as how quickly they can be absorbed into the bloodstream.

These types of foods not only trigger a big and long-lasting spike in your blood sugar levels, but they also trigger the reward-related part in your brain which increases food cravings and feeling of hunger which ultimately leads to overeating.

A higher amount of fat in these foods was also a good indicator of how addictive the food can be since it can affect the receptors in your brain and increase the tastiness of the food. It’s interesting to point out that food products that were rich in fat were causing problems both for those who are experiencing food addiction on a regular basis and the people who weren’t keen on binging in the past.

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1. Pizza

Pizza is on the top of our list and not without reason. There’s no way you could find anyone who would say no to a slice of delicious pizza, filled with the sticky cheese, tomato sauce, covered in oil and having a soft and crispy crust. Just describing it makes you salivate. It normally has around 300 calories and around 15 grams of the non-healthy type of fat because of the processed cheese.

It is rapidly digested and absorbed and has no fiber or protein in it, making you go hungry again very soon after you’ve finished eating it.
What you should try eating instead is an omelet, because eggs are filled with protein that is of the highest quality right after the protein in milk and they are very satiating and decrease your appetite for very long hours.

2. Chocolate

The majority of people have been led to believe that chocolate is a healthy food product because it’s rich in antioxidants which are known to fight off diseases. Various issues arise when you start overeating it or eat some low-quality brands which give you a very unhealthy combo of processed sugar and fat.

An ordinary chocolate bar would have lots of sugar in it, some cocoa butter, milk fat and all kinds of other chemicals like artificial flavors or emulsifiers. This gives you around 200 calories in one bar along with 15 grams of fat.

Try eating blueberries instead. They are rich in antioxidants and are extremely refreshing and tasty. They will aid you in re-sensitizing your palate to natural refreshing sources of sugar instead of the unhealthy sweetness that artificial flavors provide.

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3. Chips (sometimes covered in chocolate)

Chips are one of the unhealthiest snacks, they cause blood sugar spikes, are filled with processed fat and do nothing to maintain satiety. On the contrary, a study done on mice has shown that chips increase food consumption and they started overeating for pleasure instead of stopping when they were full.

A good alternative for chips are almonds, they are rich in fiber, very tasty and have no carbohydrates at all, but are filled with fat and protein which greatly reduce hunger. A handful a day is enough to satisfy nutritional needs.

4. Cookies

A study was done on mice were they were given morphine, cocaine and sometimes ordinary cookies. What they found was that the reward circuitry in the brain was firing much brighter when given cookies than when given the drugs. Media immediately picked up the story about the extraordinary claim that ordinary sugar is more powerful and addictive than cocaine.

Even though these results were highly inconclusive and yet to be proven, it is pretty certain that the combination of sugar and fat in cookies is extremely addictive and considering the fact cookies are small in volume, you can easily stuff your face with them and consume 1000 calories in just 5 minutes.

We present you a healthy alternative in the form of a banana chews which are also high in protein. You need 2 fresh bananas, a cup of chopped dates, 1 tablespoon of non-sweetened coconut flakes, a cup of rolled oats, 2 tablespoons of olive oil, a teaspoon of vanilla extract and a vanilla or chocolate whey powder. You put all the ingredient in a food mixer and you make them into chews. You don’t need to bake them.


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