Tom Platz Legendary Leg Workout

In this article we will be discussing Tom Platz. There are a small few other truly iconic body parts in bodybuilding that are as good as Tom Platz’s legs. Their amazing look can only be compared to the biceps of the great Arnold Schwarzenegger. However, when the physique of both Tom Platz and Arnold Schwarzenegger comes to mind, we also think of intense high volume training, as both of the iconic bodybuilders respectively spend lengthy hours at the gym perfecting their form.

The dilemma at hand is the obvious – how do we work out like Tom Platz when we have limited free time in our busy schedules with only, let’s say, one hour left to train. When there’s a will, there is certainly a way, and that wise saying proves true even in this case.

We call this leg workout, Tom Platz v. 2.0., you can certainly try it out, and it will take you no more than an hour to do, that is if you can take the burn.

The high volume one hour long Tom Platz leg work out, or Tom Platz version 2.0.

The first and primary principle that is involved with this Tom Platz styled high volume work out is the so called rest pause. Be ready to watch that clock after every single set, because time is of the essence. We’ll be honest, at first you will feel like certain death is upon you, but don’t fret and hang in there, because over the course of several weeks, as your body gets used to feeling the burn of this work out, you will get significantly better at surviving it.

When you get to the last set of non squat related exercises, you drop the weight by about 30%. Proceed to perform the rep with the normal tempo, but also perform some slow negatives of 4 – 6 seconds. Do this until failure on these slow negative sets.


The weight that is provided is just an example

  • 225 x 12 …then rest for 2 minutes
  • 245 x 10 …then rest for 2 minutes
  • 265 x 8 …then rest for 90 seconds
  • 265 x 8 …then rest for 90 seconds
  • 285 x 6 …then rest for 90 seconds
  • 285 x 6 …then rest for 90 seconds
  • 305 x 4 …then rest for 60 seconds
  • 305 x 4 …. until failure

These 8 sets of squats will generally take you about 25 minutes to do, overall. After this you will most definitely be ready to pack your things and head home, but hold on, we’re just getting started.

Leg Extensions, Leg Press or Lunges

You will perform only one of these exercises per work out, you should rotate the exercises over a 3 work out period for variety.

You will rest only for about 10 – 15 deep breaths between the sets. Pick out your weight, and when you are able to perform 30 total reps for all of the 4 sets, move up the weight. Perform some slow negatives on the last set of leg extensions and leg press.

  • 4 sets of 6-20

Overall, these 4 sets should take you about 10 minutes to do, including the time needed for the set up. Congratulations, you have now been working out legs for a total of 35 minutes, and now it is finally the time to hammer your hamstrings.

Romanian Deadlifts or Hamstring Curls

You should optimally rest for about 60 seconds between the sets, and definitely keep in mind the slow negatives on the last set you do. Additionally, you may also work in wide stance deadlifts, which are amazing for blasting your hamstrings. Only when you can perform 40 reps for all 6 sets, then you move up in weight.

  • 6 sets of 6-20

All around, including the time needed for setting up, it will take you about 15 minutes to complete this part of the workout, but don’t let that sigh of relief out yet. We are still not done and moving on to your calves.

Calves Work

For the calf portion of this work out, you can pick your favorite calves exercise and perform around 50 repetition sets. It may generally take some time to find an appropriate weight to use, but don’t fret. You should rest about 60 – 90 seconds between the sets, and if you have the need to drop weight from set to set to accommodate the high amount of reps, don’t be afraid to do so as to avoid injury. Also, no need to worry about slow negatives this time around, they are not needed with this volume.

  • 3 sets of 50 reps


Finally, there you have this amazing 60 minute, high in volume, Tom Platz style leg work out of your dreams. In a period of just one hour of your day, you have performed a whopping 21 sets, not bad, not bad. But this is still only half of the volume that Tom Platz does.

Also, one more thing – it may be a good idea to schedule about a day or two of rest after trying this work out.

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