14 Things every Bodybuilder Struggles with in Life


4. Body Dysmorphia


Yes, the issue every single bodybuilder deals with, the never ending hunger to be bigger than you are. This struggle is real and every bro who sits their, staring at themselves for endless minutes in the mirror knows and has this issue. The constant turmoil your body gives you is your motivation to get bigger and out muscle the mirror and your bro’s. This is a physical, mental and spiritual all bodybuilders need to overcome and deal with on a daily basis.



5. Calorie and Macro Shaming


Nothing kills the momentum than a friend, family member or even GF/Wife pointing out your Calorie/Macro counting. Your putting in the hard work in order to get the body you deserve and the last thing you want to deal with is people telling shaming you Calorie/Macro intakes. Its hard enough to eat whats right, along with the correct amounts and at the correct times throughout day, geesh.



6. Always being hungry on a Cut.


Hunger pains are the Name of the Game. This is a major hill to climb for many bodybuilders when looking to cut in order to get lean and clean and ready for a show or the Summer. Hallucinations are common amongst bro’s who cut, to the point where dreaming about devouring a Full-stack of Pancakes with melted butter and warm syrup dripping down the sides is something you deal with when you wake up. These are Real Bodybuilder problems we cant deny.



7. Being Shamed on a Cut


On top of the Hunger pains and the Calorie/Macro counting shaming, there’s the “Cut Shame”. Where your closest loved ones, including your Parents are worried that your losing to much weight to fast. This is one of the reasons your avoid grandma’s house when on your cut, because saying no to your Grandma doesn’t bode well with her or your parents.



8. My small p***s looking even smaller in Comparison


You know your getting big when you start to realize your P***s is getting smaller every time you look in the mirror. Your body is growing, swoling and defining faster than ever before and your now dealing with the Ego killer that is known as the Disproportionate Body-to-P***s Syndrome. Every part of your body is growing proportionally and symmetrically to its other half, other than your P***s. Lucky for you, your physique makes up for this problem.

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