73 Year Old Sam “Sonny” Bryant Jr. Puts Men Half His Age To Shame

With a body that puts most men half his age to shame, Sam “Sonny” Bryant Jr.’s rippling physique is testimony to years-long hard work and dedicated commitment. The muscular physique and strength he has achieved is awe-inspiring : he deadlifts 405 pounds at a body weight of 176 pounds.

At 44, Sam Bryant Jr. turned to the gym to deal with his personal problems. At 73, he’s a bodybuilder at the same tier as the young guys.


What numbers means to Sam Bryant ? Here’s what he says :

“People have the misconception that age makes you old, but I realize that, you know, it’s a state of mind that makes you old,” he says. “Age is just a number, and it gives most people—the majority of people—a reason to be lazy and not do anything.”

It’s hard to believe that the 5’10”, 176-pound “Sonny” Bryant only started going to the gym when he was 44, initially to relieve stress from his failing marriage. But he never gave up and just 11 months later, Sonny’s instructor asked him if he wanted to take part in a bodybuilding contest. “I said, ‘You think so?’ He said, ‘Yeah.’ So I went to a contest in Georgia. I’d never been in a contest or competed for anything, you know. I won third in the novice, fourth in the master. And then I was hooked.”

Before he knew it, Sonny was addicted to the gym. “I love to work. I love to work out,” he said. As for age, well, he says that it’s all in the mind. “People have a misconception that age makes you old. I realize that it’s the state of mind that makes you old. Age is just a number, you know.”

Sonny says that a lot of people tell him, “Wait till you get to my age.” And then he tells them his real age and they are embarrassed. According to Sonny, it’s all in the subconscious. “You start thinking old and then your body’s going to start acting old. And then you’re old. I don’t believe in that. I could dance all night.”

“I just keep competing,” Bryant said at the I’m The Biggest Winner Family Health & Fitness Expo in Austell, Georgia. “I love it. It’s a lifestyle.”

With a body that puts most men half his age to shame, Bryant’s rippling physique is testimony to years-long hard work and dedicated commitment.

Sonny works out twice a day alongside a full time, overnight job.  “I’ve got a room full of trophies,” said Bryant, who was invited to the Expo as part of a roster of quality experts and motivational speakers. “I can’t even count them all.”

Sam “Sony” Bryant’s diet

Bryant’s diet typically is a dry waffle or scrambled eggs with well-done bacon at Waffle House after he gets off work at 6 a.m. before hitting Gold’s Gym.

He might not eat again until after his second workout (kind of an intermittent fasting protocol) of the day on his way to work at 10 p.m., which might be a piece of lean meat or sweet potato fries.

Bryant says he maintains muscle by religiously taking vitamins and 180 grams of protein supplements every day.
“I don’t eat that much,” he said. “I never did three meals a day. As long as I’m busy, I don’t get hungry, I don’t get sleepy. It don’t bother me, so I feel like if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

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