Ladies, Here is Why Weightlifting Is Superior to Cardio When It Comes to Fat Loss

If you want to get rid of the excess fat, become more confident, increase your bone density and look great naked, you must lift weights. This applies to both men and women alike. Since this type of advice mostly comes from male lifters and bodybuilders, women have a hard time believing that lifting weights will produce the same results in females, as it does in males.

However, countless female lifters have proven that weightlifting has the same effect on them and produces more or less the same results. It’s been shown that whatever training approach they try they always get back to weightlifting. This means that simply eating a little better and lifting weights more often will produce better results than just relying on cardio.

As a lifter, you should always keep an open mind when it comes to trying out different training approaches and finding out which one is the best for you. Lots of people try yoga, running or pilates, but do not notice any significant changes in their body composition (some exceptions always exist). The general conclusion is that if you’re running, doing yoga and mess around with light weights occasionally, you won’t experience any drastic fat loss, increased bone density and muscle mass.

Why should you lift weights?

1. Lifting weights builds more muscle and more muscle means increased metabolism. The impact weightlifting has on the body composition is truly profound. The greater muscle mass a person carries, the more calories they’ll burn while resting. In simple words, muscles boost your metabolism, which results in increased fat loss.

2. When it comes to bone health, if you’re a woman in your 20’s or 30’s, chances are you aren’t thinking about developing osteoporosis yet, but you should be. Numerous studies have shown that weightlifting on a regular basis has the potential to increase bone density.

All other types of exercise are simply not that effective in terms of keeping your bones healthy and strong. The only effective method to achieve this is to lift heavy loads and put them back down. Take care of this now, so you wouldn’t have to do it later in life.

3. Being stronger makes everything easier. Women too can become strong. Becoming stronger will help you a lot in everyday life. Next time you need to lift something heavy, move some furniture or carry your groceries from the store, you wouldn’t call the husband, neighbor or ask someone else to help you. You are already lifting weights, so you’re strong enough to do it yourself. Getting stronger also makes you feel more independent and that’s an amazing feeling. It gives you a sense of achieving something you never thought possible before. Lift weights, get stronger and handle everyday situations easier.

4. It’s a great confidence booster knowing that you’ll crush the workout when entering the gym. Not so long ago, trainers would direct women to the light pink dumbbells, or have them attend the group aerobics class. But, nowadays, more women are joining men and lift weights instead. They train harder, push themselves and exercise with using better form.

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