5 Weight Loss Tips

People seem to think that losing weight is easy and believe it’s possible to shed those pounds just by drinking a milkshake or going for a jog once a month…until they start a weight loss program.

That’s the moment they understand that weight loss is a very hard task that requires hard work and dedication.Even experienced trainers say that it’s harder than building muscle.These tips will help you reach your weight loss goal faster.

1.Reduce carb intake – this is probably the most important rule when trying to loose weight and especially bodyfat.The body burns carbs as fuel for it’s everyday activities.As soon as the body runs out of carbs it starts to burn fat.Try to eat your carbs early in the morning and after the workout.Restrict your carbs in the afternoon hours. A new and radical approach to losing fat is the intermittent fasting diet where you do longer periods of fasting combined with periods of refeeds.

2.Increase protein intake -As we said,when the body runs out of carbs it turns to it’s fat storage.Along with fat your body burns muscle protein as fuel, creating muscle tissue breakdown (your muscles are getting smaller).That’s why it is important to increase protein intake.

3.Drink plenty of water – water plays a great role in our body.It keeps our metabolism running, helps transport the nutrients to the muscle cells and also helps flush your system waste and bacteria.Our body is made up of about 65-70% water.

4.Dont eat carbs about 3 hours before you go to sleep – Our metabolism slows down in the evening and eating (especially carbohydrates) before we go to bed will make us fat over time.Also eating before going to bed makes the body reduce the natural HGH (human growth hormone) secretion.

5.Do cardio training – Cardio training is a proven method in burning bodyfat.Your body needs to burn more calories than it consumes in order to lose weight and burn fat.About 25-35 minutes of fasted cardio in the morning (when the carbs are depelted ) is a good way to burn unwanted weight.

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