The Road To a Head-Turning, Aesthetic Physique

GOAL #6: The 3D shoulders

Fully-rounded, striated shoulders are one of the greatest symbols of the ideal, performance-built male physique and it’s almost impossible to achieve a V-taper look without them. To really push your delts and traps to grow, you need to stimulate them with some truly challenging moves that will activate as many muscle fibers as possible and create the optimal anabolic environment.

In addition, you have to make sure to perform exercises that hit the delts from all existing angles and train them both concentrically and isometrically no more than once per week. One simple yet very effective way to overload the delts is by performing rack side raises: start with a relatively light pair of dumbbells and perform three reps of side raises, then move on to the next heavier pair of dumbbells and perform another set of three reps.

Continue going “up the rack” until you can no longer perform three reps with decent form with the selected weight, then reverse the order and work your way back down the rack until you get to the dumbbells you used first. Repeat the entire session as many times as you can. The next move is the dumbbell overhead carry, which is a great isometric exercise that targets your shoulders, abs and upper back. To perform it, lock a pair of dumbbells or kettlebells overhead with arms fully extended, brace your core and slowly walk for at least 50 feet. Perform 3-4 sets with this distance, then slowly increase the distance at each workout.

Lastly, exploit the benefits of constant muscle tension by performing shoulder-blasting dumbbell press 21’s. 21’s are done by executing seven reps at each of the three ranges of motion, i.e. bottom half, top half and full range. Pick a set of light weights and begin by pressing seven reps from your shoulders to the midway of full range, then press another seven reps from midway to full lockout, and finally do seven reps of full-range overhead presses. Aim at 3 sets in total.

GOAL #7: The teardrop-shaped quads

Ever wished you had more size and detail in your thighs? Nobody likes chicken legs, yet so many guys out there are plagued by them, mostly because they avoid training the legs as much as they should.

One of the crucial aspect of impressive upper leg development is creating that amazing-looking teardrop-shaped cut in your lower quad, just above the knee. This muscle is called vastus medialus and it helps stabilize the knee and guard it against injury. When fully developed, it’s one of the indicators of high-level leanness and athleticism. To build this muscle, you have to simply focus on exercises that target the entire quad area. Mix leg extensions into your squat and lunges routine to hit your quads in those parts of the joint range you can’t access with typical leg moves. Also, alternate between different squat versions that work the quads harder, such as the heels-elevated squat, the Bulgarian split squat and the quarter squat.

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