Six Pack Workout : How To Get The Ultimate 6 Pack

4. Planks

– Start in a position like you are going to do pushups. But instead of supporting your body on your hands, bend your elbows and support yourself on the forearms.
– Lift up your torso while supporting on your forearms and feet toes. Your back should be straight and your abs tight.
– Hold this position for 30 seconds then rest for another 30 seconds.

Once you are able to do several sets of 30 seconds with good form, you can even use some additional weight. Your training partner can place a reasonably heavy plate on your upper back to add resistance. Just be sure to use good form and keep your entire body tight.

5. Side planks

Side planks are the plank’s bigger brother. They are harder to do and require stronger abs. If you are up for a challenge, try switching from a side plank to a normal plank and over to a side plank on the other side,  slowly. Perform the movement in a steady, continuous motion sustaining good form and function.

6. Bicycle crunches

– Lie down on the floor with your knees bent and your feet lifted from the ground (over your hips), and your hands behind your neck for support.
– Exhale and rotate your upper torso to the left as you extend your right leg, and bring the left knee towards your chest.
– Pause, then inhale as you slowly draw your knee back to the starting position, rotate back through the middle and repeat on the other side. Keep your elbows wide, and your chin lifted throughout.

You can perform bicycles the traditional way by alternating sides or make it a bit more challenging by isolating one side and then switching over to the other. Just perform all reps for one side then switch and do the allotted number of reps for the other.

7. Dragon flags

This is an advanced ab exercise that requires strong abs and a lot of strength.

– Using a flat bench lay on your back. Hold the sides of the bench behind your head for support.
– Tuck the knees into the body, and then project the legs, b**t, and lower back straight up in the air. The only thing left on the bench should be your head and shoulders.
– Staying stiff, resist gravity and lower your straight body back down to the bench as slowly as possible

8. Windshield wipers

– Lie flat on your back
– Put your arms straight out at your sides for some leverage
– Raise your legs ( you can keep your knees bent if it’s too hard to keep the legs extended)
– Rotate your hips left and right to both sides like a windshield wiper. Don’t touch the sides of your legs to the floor when fully rotated.

If you are ready for a challenge, you can put a medicine ball between your legs for additional resistance.

9. Sit-ups

– Start on the floor in the same position that we described for the crunch. Keep your knees bent and your feet firmly on the ground. Put your hands on your neck for support.
– Raise up your whole torso until you are in a sitting position. The chest should almost touch the knees. Be sure not to press with your hands on your neck in order to sit up. Instead do a controlled movement with your torso by using your abs.
– Repeat.

For additional resistance you can use a weight plate.

10. Russian twists

– Start with your feet flat on the floor in a sitting position. Your knees should be bent in a 90 degrees angle.
– Tilt back and lift your feet off the floor.
– Twist your torso to the sides by looking straight ahead and keeping your neck neutral.

For increased intensity, you can hold a medicine ball on your chest.

Below you can find three ab workouts that you can follow on non consecutive days (example Monday, Wednesday, Friday). Or you can pick one six pack workout and stick with it for some time before switching to another one.

Six pack workout #1

  1. Crunches 3 sets of 20 reps
  2. Hanging Leg Raises 3 sets of 10-12 reps
  3. Windshield wipers 3 sets of 8-10 reps

Six pack workout #2

1. Plank 3 sets of 30 seconds
2. Sit ups 3 sets of 15 reps   3. Russian twists 3 sets of 10


Six pack workout #3

1. Bicycle crunches 3 sets of 10 reps
2. Dragon flags 2 sets of reps to failure
3. Hanging Leg Raises 2 sets to failure

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