Do You Want to Speed Up Fat Loss ? Take a Look at These Six Natural Fat Burners


One of the best ingredients to add in a fat burner. Everyone knows caffeine’s effects when drinking a cup of coffee, but little does anyone know that caffeine gives you a huge boost to your metabolism at the same time you’re given the “buzz”. It’s an essential ingredient to keeping your weight low and energy high.

Green tea

Green tea is considered the best drink to lose weight, aside from coffee. It is a natural healthy stimulant raising energy levels. What’s more, compounds called catechins that are found in the plant release the hormone norepinephrine in the body which has fat burning effects and gives a boost to the thermogenic process which speeds up the weight loss.

Hot peppers

Hot peppers are incredibly powerful when it comes to giving the body a thermogenic boost. The cayenne pepper was shown to be especially powerful. The chili can raise the body’s natural temperature which forces the body to burn calories in order to lower it. This particular pepper has also been found to greatly suppress appetite.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is one of the essential nutrients to our survival. It is also an effective weight loss tool in that it suppresses appetite. Ingesting big amounts of Vitamin D suppresses leptin production, which is the hormone which triggers our hunger.


This ingredient has become the fat burner research latest advancement. Glucomannan isn’t used for weight loss however, the other ingredients do that. Glucomannan is actually a root rich in fiber that is found in the Konjac plant. After being ingested, it swells up in the stomach and makes you feel fuller and helps absorb all the nearby fats.

Green coffee bean extract

It is not widely known that raw coffee beans are rich in fat burning ingredients. In their unprocessed form the beans have high levels of chlorogenic acid, which is excellent for lowering glucose levels in the liver and decreasing fat deposits. What it does is it inhibits an enzyme called glucose-6-phosphate.

Some of the ingredients listed have been contained in fat burner supplements since they first appeared. However, a great deal of them was mixed with slightly dangerous components that were meant to produce an artificial high to raise the metabolic rate. Research has shown that this could be really harmful to one’s health and can lead to a lot of medical issues.

The majority of the most popular fat burner use all the possible ingredients they can add to give them an edge in relation to their competing products by raising energy levels, elevating the metabolic rate and suppress appetite.

You should always keep this in mind the next time you’re out to buy a fat burning supplement. Always pay attention to the nutrition labels and carefully examine the ingredients.

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