The Top 10 Foods that Fight Inflammation

Experiencing chronic inflammation is akin to a fire that rages inside your body and can eventually lead to developing numerous diseases and various health issues. In this article, we present to you a list of healthy foods which will help you combat the presence of inflammation in a natural way. The greater the level of inflammation, the greater the chances of increased weight gain, developing obesity and overall poor health.

Additionally, most people are not aware that inflammation keeps increasing silently, all the while compromising their overall health, body composition and sense of well-being. If you find a way to decrease inflammation levels by choosing better foods and exercising regularly, you will improve the functioning of your memory and overall brain health shed the excess weight around the midsection and stop the development of some chronic diseases.

How would you know if you had increased inflammation? If you’re overweight, bordering on obese, have an extra tire around your stomach or your diet mostly consists of carbs, you can bet that you have high levels of inflammation. If you experience such digestive issues as gas, heartburn, bloatedness, IBS, autoimmune conditions or leaky gut, then inflammation levels will skyrocket. If you happen to take pain meds such as ibuprofen, you drastically increase the risk of developing chronic degeneration.

And what’s even scarier, you can have none of these symptoms, yet inflammation will be present below the surface without you even noticing. When you start searching for the main reasons of your inflammation like eating refined carbs, taking certain meds or overall digestive issues, you’ll be well on your way of improving energy levels, the functioning of your brain, healing joint issues and maintaining a healthy body weight.

So, what exactly is inflammation ?

Inflammation is an essential response of your body to external trauma, sustained injury or bacterial or viral infection. It represents the most basic immune system response that puts the body into defensive mode to ward off threats. The most common symptoms of an inflammatory reaction are redness, increased temperature, swelling, and pain, which are the most basic effort of the body to cure the infection or repair the injury. The main problem arises when acute inflammation turns into chronic. You keep on gaining weight or can’t get rid of the stomach fat, the digestive issues, like bloating, gasses, constipation and specific food allergies never go away, or you can’t get off the various pain meds you’re taking.

Cytokines are the main compounds released by your body to combat inflammation. After sustaining injury or getting an infection, the inflammation response is immediately triggered and 3 main pro-inflammatory cytokines are released: interleukin 1(IL-1), interleukin 6 (IL-6) and tumor necrosis factor alpha (TNF). Your food choices, physical activity levels as we all the ability to handle stressful situation have the potential to fight off these pro-inflammatory compounds.

The correlation between elevated inflammation and chronic disease risk

In the US, the number of people experiencing chronic diseases is going up every year with the top 5 being: cardiovascular diseases (60 million), various allergies (50 million), autoimmune conditions (25 million), diabetes type 1 and 2 (15 million) and various types of cancer (10 million). Numerous studies have shown the ever-growing relation between chronically elevated blood sugar levels, inflammation and the rapid development of degenerative chronic conditions. Regardless of whether you’re suffering from high blood pressure, cancer, build up of plaque in your arteries or diabetes, all of these have their symptoms lessened when inflammation is reduced.

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