high protein pudding

Simple 3 Ingredient High Protein Pudding

If you tried cutting back on sugar and sweets you probably know how hard it can be. Those cravings that you get after your lunch or dinner can be really tough.

So if you are trying to add some more protein to your diet and cut back on sugar, then this high protein pudding is one of the simplest solutions to your problem.

This protein pudding is low in sugar, high in protein and it can be made in only 5-10 minutes. The best thing is that you only need 3 ingredients. Do you like chocolate or vanilla more ? It’s your choice.

Protein pudding ingredients :

– 200 ml of almond / coconut milk
– 30g of chocolate, vanilla or strawberry flavored whey protein , the flavor of the protein is optimal
– 3 packets of gelatin



– In a shaker or a blender mix the almond milk and whey protein.
– Add dissolved gelatin to the mixture (see the instructions on the gelatin packets for dissolving) and steer the mixture good.
– Pour into a large bowl or a mold.
– Leave the mixture for at least 3 hours to thicken.
– Sprinkle with raw cocoa.

This can be the ideal dessert which can be consumed without a bit of guilt.

This protein pudding is for two servings, and has the following nutritional values (per serving):

95 calories
15 g of protein
5 g carbohydrates
1.8 g fat

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