How to Get a Six-Pack : 11 Tips That Will Give You The Fastest Results

6. Eat more vegetables

If you want to know the most optimal way to get a six-pack, then you need a serious re-design of your nutrition plan. Getting a visible six-pack does not need to be complicated as some people claim it is. The same thing applies to meal planning and preparation.

Do you remember one thing your mom kept drumming into your ears at the dinner table? “Always eat your veggies.” Vegetables contain good amounts of valuable nutrients, such as essential minerals and vitamins. They not only contain nutrients which are beneficial to your health, but they are also a poor source of calories, which makes them an excellent food for people trying to lose weight.

There’s another great thing about vegetables: they help in maintaining a healthy bowel. That’s because vegetables are a rich fiber source, which helps food “run smoothly” through your intestines, for a lack of a better word. Consuming high amounts of fiber will keep you “regular” and help you avoid constipation, which is never a pleasant experience.

All this time we’ve been talking about vegetables. What about fruits, you might ask? That’s a perfectly valid question and yes eating fruits is healthy, but the thing is that fruits have a higher sugar content than vegetables. That means you should limit your fruit intake and consume fruits mainly around your workout.

7. Control your cheat meals

For some people when they’re on a diet, delicious food turns into a kind of obsession, which no matter how much they try, they cannot control. All the things that you’re now not allowed to eat, all of a sudden become so much more appealing. Does that sound familiar to you? Everyone knows that burger and fries are incredibly delicious and you might even get an energy boost and feel good for a while.

But with all that junk food digesting in your body you’ll soon experience a rapid energy crash and this time with the bloat to add to how miserable you’ll feel. And the worst part is that eating cheat meals usually causes a chain reaction. What starts as a “once a week” practice, soon turns into twice a week, until you find yourself completely going back to your old habits.

This has happened to lots of people and you really need to have the mental strength to fully commit to eating clean the majority of the time. In order to get visible abs, you need to be ruthless with your training and your nutrition plan. By all means, you can eat a cheat meal every now and then, but be sure you are in control. Don’t let the cheat meal you eat every 2 weeks become a 3-4 times a week habit.

8. Be consistent

If there’s anything that will trump any other personal characteristic when it comes to getting a six-pack or achieving meaningful fitness results overall, it’s consistency. If you’ve put your mind to achieving a specific goal, then keep at it, because being consistent is the main driving force behind getting that spectacular fit look you’re after.

This happens to a lot of beginners: they start off with a lot of enthusiasm and clearly defined goals, like getting lean and incredibly shredded. Then, after some initial progress, the enthusiasm quickly burns out. It’s usually a matter of months, weeks, sometimes days, before they start losing the drive and ultimately completely abandon their training and nutrition plans.

When it comes to training on a regular basis, some people simply aren’t ready to make the commitment and they don’t achieve their goals. This is why consistency is key. Being consistent and using a sound training plan that rests on proven training principles and then following it exactly as it is, will surely give you the desired results.

9. Get yourself a training partner

If you have trouble motivating yourself to go to the gym then one of the best ways to do that is by finding your own training partner. The reason why training with a training partner will help you achieve your goals faster is because you will motivate each other once one of you starts losing the will to train.

Another crucial thing is that you’ll get the added bonus of commitment and being accountable to another person. It’s very easy to bale out if there’s no one else to answer to but you. But now your partner also keeps you accountable and he might not be in the mood to let you go home yet. And you know what the best part is? Workout sessions won’t be as dull as before, because now you have a workout buddy beside you that will keep an eye on your form. Not to mention the post-workout talks as a social bonus.

10. Train the abs directly

We’re sure you’ve already heard about the spot reduction myth. It basically states that you can reduce specific fat spots by training them directly. It’s actually a complete lie. No matter how many crunches you do, if you still have a thick layer of fat surrounding your waist, the abs won’t be visible until you get rid of the fat.

Basically, it all comes down to the following: while you don’t really need to directly target an area of your body to eliminate the fat, there’s nothing wrong with training the abs in order to make them bigger once they start appearing. The great thing is that some exercises are great for getting your abs bigger. This can add greater definition to your abs, even when there’s a layer of fat surrounding them.

11. Be patient and remember to enjoy the journey

This last point is a bit of a summary. As you can see, there are lots of simple hacks that will help you get abs in just a week. But, if you really want to have an inhumanely strong core and spectacular abs then you need to make a real commitment and be prepared to go the distance. The main takeaway point is that neither worthwhile comes easy.

Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither will your abs. However, if you are already equipped with a strong work ethic, determination, discipline and patience, results will be guaranteed.

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