How to Get a Six-Pack : 11 Tips That Will Give You The Fastest Results

There’s no doubt that there are many trainees out there that want to know how to get a six-pack as fast as possible. Guys, we hear you – we know that everyone wants results right now – you don’t want to spend months on end trying to get it. We have some good news and some bad ones. We’ll start with the latter. You might think that it’s an absolutely ridiculous idea to think that one can actually get a six-pack in just a few weeks. If we’re being completely honest, if you do have a bit of excess fat around your waist it’s going to take some work to get rid of it.

Now on to the good news. Just because we said it will take some work to reach your goals, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t already many simple ways you can try that will help you achieve great results in just a few weeks. At the end of the day, it all comes down to having the proper knowledge. And you know what the best part is? We’ll give you the simplest pointers that won’t require any significant research on your part and which are easy to follow. You’ll get a better physique for the beach in a short amount of time. As summer approaches you’ll want to meet that deadline fast. You have no time to waste, so let’s get reading and putting this stuff into action:

1. Increase your water intake

Do you want to know what the easiest way to get abs in just a few weeks is? To get rid of the bloat and get a flat waist all you need to do is simply increase your water intake. Now, the first question that might pop up in your mind is: Why would I want to increase my water intake, when I should be getting rid of the excess water?

A good percentage of the excess weight you are carrying is actually caused by excessive water retention. Sometimes the excess water can cause weight fluctuation by a couple of pounds and it will most likely dwell around the midsection area. However, increasing your water intake ensures that you are totally hydrated and your kidneys will be able to flush out all the dangerous toxins including the ones which cause the bloat in the first place. And there’s more. Water is an excellent appetite suppressant, which translates into fewer calories consumed on a daily basis.

2. HIIT Cardio

If you want to get the six-pack you’ll need to burn more body fat. This involves having a good diet as well as following a specific routine which will give you results fast. Here’s the basic premise: burning fat means one needs to use cardio with a greatly increased tempo and do some really fast-paced movements. The most efficient method to achieve all of this is high-intensity interval training also known as HIIT.

It has already been proven in numerous studies that HIIT is an incredibly effective strategy when it comes to burning fat because you can burn more calories in a shorter amount of time – up to 15% more fat burned than regular training. What’s more, the fat burning continues long after you’ve finished training, which results in more fat lost over time. And here’s the best part of it all. HIIT style of training can target abdominal fat a lot better than steady-pace cardio.

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3. High-protein, low-carb diet

Now that you know the type of training you need to employ, what can you do about your diet? You must have heard by now that “abs are made in the kitchen”. Taking that into consideration, we can conclude that the best results can come from a combination of proper training and proper nutrition. Now, let’s examine one of the three main macro-nutrients:


Carbs are the body’s primary source of energy, however, they also retain water and that’s not good if your main goal is to get a visible six-pack. Consuming a low amount of carbs will force the body to switch to another energy source, so instead of burning carbs it will start burning fat and will reduce the bloat.

So what are the foods you should avoid? The ones that cause the greatest fat gain are pasta, bread, sugary drinks and foods, cereals, potato chips; basically all refined carb sources. But there are also some foods which are very healthy and nutritious that also have high contents of carbs: bananas, quinoa, oats, sweet potatoes etc.

Protein, on the other hand, is one of your best friends when it comes to losing fat. It is a very satiating nutrient which provides better control of food cravings and hunger and faster weight loss, which in turn translates to getting visible abs. What are the top foods rich in protein, you might ask? The healthiest choices are eggs, chicken/turkey breast, beef, any type of seafood, cottage cheese and Greek yogurt.

If you’re a vegetarian, there’s no need to worry, there is still plenty of choices when it comes to consuming high amounts of protein and it’s mainly plant-based. The best choices are soybeans, tofu, kale, spirulina, spinach and many others. The bottom line is that you should cut the carbs and increase your protein intake if you want to get a six-pack as fast as possible.

4. Use fat burner supplements for increased fat burn

Fat burning supplements are a great tool in your fitness supplement arsenal that will increase your metabolism and force your body to burn fat a lot faster. Fat burners that contain natural ingredients are your best choice. High-quality fat burners will also boost your energy levels, which will allow you to totally smash those brutal HIIT workout sessions. As we already mentioned, they can drastically increase your metabolic rate which will turn your body into a finely-tuned fat burning machine. Bottom line: fat burners work, use them!

5. Lift weights

As with any other muscle group, if you want to get visible and well-defined abdominal muscles, the best way to do it is by lifting weights and for a good reason. Training with increasingly bigger weights is one of the most optimal ways to reduce body fat and increase your lean muscle mass. How does having more muscle actually help you get a six-pack faster? The more lean mass you have, the higher the basal metabolic rate will become, sometimes up to 7% higher.

This means that you’ll burn more calories even when you’re resting which results in increased fat burning. And here’s another interesting point: resistance training is so effective it can literally skyrocket the metabolic rate in as little as 11 minutes. The metabolic rate will remain elevated long after you’ve finished training.

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