Conor Mcgregor’s Diet Plan : “I Just Like Eating Clean”

Connor McGregor’s diet is perhaps the most important part of keeping him in shape. He says that fighting is a way of life, he constantly needs to be in shape and eat good, not just six weeks during a fight camp, or three months to get shredded for summer.

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McGregor certainly lives his life the right way. “I’m always eating good food,” he says. “Depending how far out I am from a fight, I might cut out a few things. You wouldn’t catch me eating too much in terms of take-out. I love water and coconut water, but I never drink energy drinks—ever! I just eat good, quality meat and keep hydrated.”

The MMA champion starts his day with a bottle of water. And then eats a banana or drink a cup of Americano. “ I don’t eat takeaways. I don’t eat none of that s**t. I just try to eat clean.”

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His diet is based on lean meats, good quality vegetables and quality carbohydrates such as sweet potato and butternut squash, and that is it.


Connor Mcgregor’s diet plan:

After waking up: Water, coffee or herbal tea after waking up. Stretch, jump rope or run for at least 30 minute.

Breakfast: Smoked salmon with 2 poached eggs or use 2 slices of whole grain toast complimented with mashed avocados. He adds tomatoes and mushrooms on the side.

Pre-lunch snack: nuts and greek yogurt.

Lunch: McGregor loves beef! He usually has a salad and beef for lunch. He uses as many vegetables as he can. The vegetables are seasoned with olive oil.

Pre-training: A glass of milk.

During training: Just water !

Post-training: Whey or pea protein mixed with water or milk and a piece of fruit.

Dinner: Baked Cod with lemon, herbs, and olives. The best side would be roasted veggies and wild or whole grain rice.

Late night treat: Peppermint tea or just water

McGregor’s coach Kavanagh posted this photo and said: “That’s what a fridge looks like for a bunch of smart primates. Salmon, chicken, steak, fruit and veg. That’s it.”


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