Power Cleans – The Exercise That Builds Explosiveness And Strength

Power Clean Variations

The barbell power clean is a classic exercise and is really close to unbeatable. If you are serious about developing power, this is the exercise for you. The power clean can also be performed using some alternative lifting tools for variety but for convenience and ease of loading, the barbell is generally best.

Dumbbell power cleans

Using single or double dumbbells, this variation requires more balance and coordination which may detract from the aim of the exercise; maximum power generation. The rack position is slightly different compared to the barbell but the movement is comparable to “regular” power cleans. The unilateral (one sided) version also develops/requires good core strength.

Sandbag/Power bag power cleans

As you know, on the completion of a power clean, it is customary to drop your bar to the floor with little effort made to decelerate it. This is fine if you have access to a proper lifting platform and bumper plates but may prove disastrous if you are lifting on a regular floor using plain iron plates. Sandbags and Power Bags can be dropped with impunity and also eliminate the sometimes painful impact experienced as the bar crashes into the rack position.

Kettlebell power cleans

Kettlebells, like dumbbells, can be used singularly or in pairs. The kettlebell power clean is slightly different to a barbell or dumbbell clean as the weight rotates around your hand so the ‘bell racks more in the crook of your arm and less on your anterior deltoids.

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