The Mountain Dog Diet – A Different Way To Lose Bodyfat


Although this selection comes out the final 16 weeks before a contest my only exception is one tablespoon of Grass-Fed butter daily, it’s an absolutely great way to add lean muscle in the off-season. I really don’t like to take it out pre-contest, but I do because experience has taught me dairy does seem to cause most to hold a layer of water under their skin, which isn’t optimal for physique display. The ironic thing is that this is a good result of your skin being healthier!

Also notice I said RAW in addition to grass-fed. The nutritional value of milk plummets due to pasteurization, the vitamin A is completely destroyed and the proteins become more difficult to digest often creating strong immune system responses and allergies. The Weston A. Price Foundation has a sister website called that is excellent in explaining the benefits of raw milk.

I do want to point out that I don’t support the consumption of pasteurized dairy that you’ll find in most stores at any time, and also that dairy is not a necessity, or required. You’ll get plenty of Omega 3’s from your Salmon, Vitamin D from your eggs and certain fish, Vitamin A from Beef – liver especially, and calcium and minerals from green leafy veggies. I wrestled around with this one for a while, but after having tried raw milk myself for an extended period of time, and seeing what it has done for many others in terms of their well-being, and lean muscle gains,. I think I’d be remiss not adding this. The truth is that I look at raw milk as a very good supplement!

* Correct balance of fats with a special emphasis on Saturated Fats

Most diets in the bodybuilding world, even those that are termed “high-fat,” don’t advise the use of saturated fats outside of what normally occurs in the peanutbutter, nuts, avocadoes, etc. that are typically recommended. I think this is a mistake. Saturated fats play an enormous role our in our health and well being. Here are just a few of many reasons to NOT avoid saturated fat:

* Saturated fats make up 50 percent of our cell membranes! They give cells the correct amount of rigidity to allow “messages” in and out.
* Saturates allow the body to use and retain Omega 3’s better!
* They make our immune systems better (see butter and coconut oil!)
* A few specific types of saturates are the best food for the heart. The fat around the heart is highly saturated.


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